From Monday until January 25, Seville will host the I International Telecentre Congress, organized by the National Association of Telecentre Communities through the Fernando de los RĂ­os Consortium, a public entity that manages the Guadalinfo Network, a project of the Junta de Andalusia and the eight provincial councils.

This forum aims to be a space for collaboration and exchange of experiences where members of telecentres from all over the world, and especially the European and Latin American network, find connection points to strengthen their network and collaborate with the Andalusian Guadalinfo network. Thus, its main objective is to promote telecentres as a key resource for the transformation of the territory and as spaces that generate employment, citizen innovation, technological participation and paradigm changes proposed by the European Digital Agenda.

Andalusia has been the place chosen for the organization of this congress, which will also allow the creation of collaborative synergies for the Guadalinfo Network, made up of 692 centers –distributed in municipalities with fewer than 20,000 inhabitants throughout Andalusia and with nearly 600,000 users– and 64 associated centers –among public Internet Access Centers (CAPI) and access points in Andalusian communities abroad (CAES)–.

These objectives are joined by the opportunity represented by the assistance (in person and virtual) of the more than 6,500 telecentres throughout Spain, as well as the support and participation of the World Association of Telecentres (‘’) and the Association European.

Within this framework, the Annual Meeting of Guadalinfo Promoters is held simultaneously with the I International Congress of telecentres held in our country.

The format of the meeting is broken down into several interconnected scenarios in which conferences, workshops, presentations, debates and presentations will take place simultaneously, and which includes a professional fair where participants will be able to learn about the main projects and those of greater socio-economic importance. that are being carried out through telecentres of the Andalusian network and around the world.

The telecentre organizations involved seek to take stock of the notable impact that these centers have had on our society, in Spain, in Europe and in the world. Network telecentres are transcendental in the transformation of the territory and there is abundant evidence of their contribution to growth, the formation of human capital and employment.

In the world there are 200,000 telecentres that have served for digital literacy, the continuous technological transformation and access to the knowledge society, but also as a resource for the generation of social innovation and collaborating for the transformation of production models.

Thus, more than 1,000 people are expected to attend, including managers of the network of Telecentres, Telecentre-Europe, the Association of Telecentres for Latin America and the Caribbean, and the Association of Communities of Networks of Telecentres (Spain), in addition to the Andalusian Guadalinfo; managers of the Telecentres Network that promotes the Telecentres of the different networks; telecentre users; political and technical managers of the entities that manage telecentres; technicians from regional governments, councils, councils and town halls; companies and suppliers related to the Knowledge Society, NGOs and other types of Social Initiative organizations and those responsible for the third sector that are related to these spaces.