The president of Vox, Santiago Abascal, compared this Wednesday the socialist candidate for the investiture, Pedro Sánchez, with Adolf Hitler, who “also came to power through elections”, while stating that the leader of the PSOE should be ” in the dock” for agreeing to an amnesty for those involved in the ‘procés’ with the independentists.

In his speech during the first session of Sánchez’s investiture debate, Abascal began by elaborating on his criticism of the future executive of the acting president, which he considers “a coup.” “Of course they will disguise it with clothes and legality, in the same way that nefarious characters like Hugo Chávez, Nicolás Maduro or Adolf Hitler came to power,” he added.

At this point, he compared the acting president to the German dictator because the latter “also came to power through elections and only then maneuvered to liquidate democracy.” The difference for the Vox leader is that Hitler, whom he has called a “socialist”, “lied less to the Germans, because he had already announced that he wanted to end the Weimar Republic.” Sánchez ran for the 23J elections “with a program and has done everything he promised not to do,” he added.

Abascal, who has taken the stand with the book ‘Miguel de Unamuno’, by Jon Juaristi, has regretted that Sánchez’s investiture is going to go ahead in a Parliament that, in reference to the investiture pacts with the independentists, “does not “can suppress or coerce the Judiciary, enshrine the inequality of Spaniards before the law, act as a constituent chamber, repeal the Constitution with an amnesty law that has no place in the legal system and threaten the unity of the nation.”

Along these lines, he has widely criticized the pact reached with Junts to invest Sánchez, achieved with “indignity thanks to the declared enemies of the country”, in reference to the amnesty law, which, he insists, is “unconstitutional” and cannot be approved.

“The greatest corruption of a politician, helping other politicians to avoid the action of Justice in exchange for votes,” he stated, lamenting that “it liquidates the rule of law, the separation of powers, tries to subvert the constitutional order and prepares a coup in cahoots with the separatist minorities.”

In parallel, Abascal has recalled words from socialist leaders spoken in the past, where they assured that the amnesty had no constitutional place. “You yourselves recognized it,” he indicated, mentioning the ministers Luis Planas, Fernando Grande-Marlaska and María Jesús Montero, among others.

Thus, the leader of Vox has asked himself “who will be obliged to respect the laws” if Parliament itself and its members “do not respect the Constitution.” “What legitimacy do we have to enforce compliance with the law?” he continued.

For this reason, he believes that Sánchez’s investiture constitutes “the beginning of a tyranny” and “a change of regime” for signing “an infamous pact” with Puigdemont. Along these lines, he has assured that the president is “unworthy” to occupy the seat, “because in reality the only seat he deserves is that of the accused for attacking the Constitution as he is doing.”

He also believes that Sánchez, “a character of excessive ambition capable of doing anything just to cling to an armchair” will go down in history, but “on the list of nefarious people.” Furthermore, he has told the president that “ignoring problems of conscience in this way is diagnosed” and has urged him to make a medical appointment.

“How much indignity can the ambition of a single man cause with the method of deception and permanent lying. Pedro Sánchez does not govern, he perpetrates, he abuses, he lies like a professional fraudster, he betrays everything he said he defended,” he stressed.

Abascal has insisted on describing Sánchez’s future government as “illegal”, as he has been doing for days, and has accused the PSOE of not respecting national symbols, the State Security Forces and Corps and the Armed Forces.


The Vox leader has also alluded to the protests in front of the PSOE headquarters on Ferraz Street in Madrid, which have been taking place for several days and which he has attended personally, surrounded by leaders of his party. He has disgraced Sánchez that he “dares to talk about violence to criminalize” the citizens who come. “They are partners of EH Bildu and try to criminalize Spaniards who try to resist his coup”, he continued.

In this context, he has warned that neither he nor his party “are going to adapt to this new normality based on illegality and the attack on the Constitution.” “We are not going to fold, neither before you nor before your partners, even though we know the stories very well,” he warned, emphasizing his “firm commitment.” “Even though we are convinced that they are willing to do anything,” he added.

Thus, he has once again repeated that Vox will use “all legitimate means” to oppose “this coup” and the amnesty, in parliaments, in regional governments, in the courts, in international forums and in the streets. “And it is important that those of us who oppose agree on the diagnosis so that we can apply the appropriate remedies, no matter how painful and risky they may be for all of us during this legislature,” he concluded.