Taylor Swift enters the list of ‘Forbes’ billionaires, led by Bernard Arnault


The founder of Inditex, Amancio Ortega, appears once again as the greatest Spanish fortune, in 13th place in the world ranking of ‘Forbes’ magazine, with an estimated net worth of 103,000 million dollars (95,805 million euros).

Ortega is ahead of his daughter Sandra, who is in 263rd place with a fortune of 9.3 billion dollars (8.65 billion euros), while the third among Spaniards and 486 in the world would be Rafael del Pino, with an estimated net worth of 6,000 million dollars (5,581 million euros).

The American singer Taylor Swift has managed to place herself among the richest people in the world for the first time, according to the annual list published by ‘Forbes’, which recognizes the artist, just 34 years old, among the 2,781 people with an estimated fortune of at least 1,000 million dollars (930 million euros) and once again points out the French businessman Bernard Arnault as the wealthiest and Ortega as the largest Spanish fortune.

In 2024, the ‘Forbes’ billionaire list reaches the largest number of members of the 38 editions, with a total of 2,781 people, an increase of 141 billionaires compared to 2023 and 26 over the previous record of 2021, whose aggregate wealth It is estimated at about 14.2 billion dollars (13.2 billion euros).

The combined wealth accumulated by the billionaires on the Forbes list of 2024 represents an increase of around 2 trillion dollars (1.8 trillion euros) compared to the figure of the richest in 2023 and an increase of 1.1 trillion dollars (1.02 trillion euros) over the previous record recorded in 2021.

However, as occurs in the economy in general, the 2024 list also shows inequality in the distribution of wealth, since only 14 people with estimated assets of more than 100,000 million dollars (93,015 million euros) accumulate around 2 trillion dollars of wealth, which implies that 0.5% of the 2,781 billionaires in the world own 14% of all the wealth of the largest fortunes.

One more year, the United States repeats as the country with the most billionaires, with a record number of 813 rich people, compared to 735 in 2023, whose aggregate fortune would total 5.7 trillion dollars (5.3 trillion euros), compared to the 4.5 trillion dollars (4.2 trillion euros) from the previous year, while China remains in second place, with 473 billionaires, whose combined assets are estimated at 1.7 trillion dollars (1.6 trillion euros).

For its part, India, with 200 billionaires and fortunes of 954,000 million dollars (887,365 million euros) occupies third position, ahead of Germany, with 132 rich people and 59,000 million dollars (54,879 million euros) of joint assets, while Russia, despite the sanctions, is the fifth country with the highest number of billionaires, with 120, 15 more than last year, whose total fortune is 537,000 million dollars (499,492 million euros).

In the 2024 edition, 66% of the billionaires on the list founded or co-founded their company or created their own fortune, instead of inheriting it, compared to 69% in 2023.

For his part, the average age of billionaires is 66 years, with insurance magnate George Joseph, at 102 years old, the oldest member of the list and one of the 425 people aged 80 or older, while The youngest billionaire is Livia Voigt, 19, a Brazilian heiress whose grandfather co-founded the electrical equipment producer WEG.

Billionaire women represent in the latest edition of the list 369 of the 2,781 richest in the world, or around 13%, in line with the proportion of 2023. In this sense, the richest woman is once again Françoise Bettencourt Meyers, heiress of L’Oréal, with an estimated net worth of 99.5 billion dollars (92.55 billion euros), while the largest self-made billionaire is the Swiss shipping company Rafaela Aponte-Diamant, with 33.1 billion dollars (30.788 million euros).

The 2024 Forbes list once again crowns French businessman Bernard Arnault, CEO of the French luxury products group LVMH, as the richest among the rich, with a fortune estimated at $233 billion (€216.725 million), which It represents an increase of 22,000 million dollars (20,463 million euros) over 2023.

In second position is Elon Musk, whose assets are estimated at 195,000 million dollars (181,380 million euros), followed by Jeff Bezos, with a fortune estimated at 194,000 million dollars (180,449 million euros), Mark Zuckerberg, with about 177,000 million dollars (164,637 million euros) and Larry Ellison, with 141,000 million dollars (131,151 million euros).

In total, the 2024 list contains 265 new billionaires, the richest among the new additions to the ranking being the Italian Andrea Pignataro, with 27.5 billion dollars (25.579 million euros), while the entries of the founder of the chain also stand out. fast food company Raising Cane, Todd Graves, with 9.1 billion dollars (8.464 million euros), as well as the co-founders of the textile firm Shein: Maggie Gu, Molly Miao and Ren Xiaoqing, valued at 4.2 billion dollars each ( 3,907 million euros).

However, the most popular entry on the 2024 list is that of the American singer Taylor Swift, who with a fortune estimated at 1,100 million dollars (1,023 million euros) achieves position 2,545 on the list at just 34 years of age.

In this sense, those responsible for the classification highlight the artist’s merit of having achieved “a feat that no other musician had achieved before” by becoming a multimillionaire exclusively thanks to the earnings from her music and her performances.