The Minister of Equality, Ana Redondo, has stated that the president of Argentina, Javier Milei, “is not a lion”, as the leader proclaimed in a musical performance that he gave this Thursday to present his proclamations, but that he is a ” hyena” who “laughs at social justice” and advocates for the “law of the jungle” in which “an eye for an eye” predominates and where “the poor who need social policies will not have them.”

   This is how the head of Equality defined the Argentine political leader, who presented his book ‘Capitalism, socialism and the neoclassical trap’ at the Luna Park stadium in Buenos Aires, during his speech at the campaign opening rally held by the socialists in Valladolid.

   In this context and before more than 50 people who have gathered in the Valladolid capital to participate in the party event, the Minister of Equality has warned of Milei’s policies and has stressed that women and citizens “need democracy “.

   For this reason, Redondo has stressed, Milei’s speech means the “law of the jungle”, and in it “an eye for an eye and where the big one eats the small” predominates. “This speech means that the poor who need rights and, above all, social policies to survive will not have them,” because in the “law of the jungle, only those who laugh at others have privileges and the others are there trying to survive.

   That is what socialists and women “will never tolerate,” Redondo stressed, while pointing out that in the last elections “enough was said to the extreme right and now the wall is going to be put up again to stop it.” stand up against the Europe that the extreme right wants”.