Bahía Sur has reinforced its support for entrepreneurs in the province of Cádiz by offering them an exceptional showcase in its shopping gallery, where, from next February to December, they will be able to exhibit their projects and sell their products in the first shopping center. and leisure of the province, where thousands of people pass through every month.

As explained by the manager of the shopping center, Pablo Vivancos, “through this action, the double objective of offering a unique opportunity to all entrepreneurs in the province and adding brands that provide a distinctive seal to the shopping center is sought.” “In Bahía Sur we seek to create an authentic entrepreneurship pool, which reaches out to business talent and becomes a springboard that propels these high-potential businesses.”

The only requirement to participate in this action is that entrepreneurs send an email to an address provided by the shopping center in which they explain the history of their project, the operation of the company and what their product consists of, with the idea to know in detail the unique characteristics and needs of each venture.

From all the applications received, the shopping center will choose the brands that best suit the commercial space. From Bahía Sur they have reminded that the maximum deadline to send this email ends this Friday at 2:00 p.m. Once the message is sent, the participant will access a selection process in which they will be eligible for their own stand in the commercial gallery for a maximum duration of one month.

It is worth remembering that this is the third edition of Bahía Sur’s annual meeting with the province’s entrepreneurs, after two years in which the island venue has held the Soy Emprendedora fair, on the occasion of International Women’s Day, in which has lent its hand to multiple emerging business proposals, with great success for the participating brands.

The Ola Negra Cadizfornia brand, created by two island entrepreneurs and participating in the 2022 edition, already has a permanent space in Bahía Sur since last December after passing through the fair. On this occasion, the bet is extended to any entrepreneur who wants to try their luck in this commercial space.

Bahía Sur is located in the heart of the Bay of Cádiz, in front of the natural park, and is managed by Cushman