The CCOO and UGT unions have demanded that Telefónica call “immediately” the opening of the negotiating table for the new collective agreement of related companies, as well as the incentivized leave plan in which the operator is working and which is expected to affect around 5,000 workers, as indicated in a joint statement.

“CCOO and UGT have addressed the company requesting the opening of the negotiating table for a Third Collective Agreement of Related Companies as a way to provide ourselves with guarantees and security regarding the working conditions of the people who make up Telefónica in Spain,” the companies stated. organizations.

Regarding the negotiation of the sick leave plan, it is expected that between 2,500 and 3,000 people will take part in it, a figure similar to that of 2021, the last time a measure of this caliber was carried out.

An adjustment plan for the corporate area is also expected, which would include directors, managers and managers, and which is discretionary in nature and could affect a minimum of 300 people to slim down an oversized management team, according to sources consulted by Europa Press.

In that sense, at first it was expected that Telefónica would sit down with the unions to negotiate the incentivized leave plan after the celebration of ‘Investor’s Day’, which took place on November 8.

However, this call has not yet occurred and the unions consider that “a reasonable amount of time has passed” since the celebration of ‘Investor’s Day’, in which the company’s own CEO, Ángel Vilá, confirmed that the company is working on this initiative to reduce operating costs.

“UGT and CCOO consider that, having passed a reasonable amount of time since the celebration of the ‘Capital Markets Day’, the company must clarify what impact the strategic plan presented could have on workers,” they stressed.

“Messages such as ‘obtaining efficiencies that help reduce the cost structure’ (…) add to the existing uncertainty due to the regulation of the sector, the entry of new shareholders or the mergers of existing companies and their possible impact on the market “, they have added.

For this reason, the two organizations have stated that they are “obliged to support” labor rights at Telefónica to address “existing concerns.”

“UGT and CCOO have demanded the urgent opening of the negotiating table to begin the negotiation of the III Collective Agreement of Related Companies immediately, considering that said forum is the ideal to exercise the social dialogue that both parties have deployed for decades” , they have emphasized.