King Charles III and the princes of Wales have appeared by surprise in the vicinity of Buckingham Palace to greet the citizens who are already stationed to follow this Saturday from the front row the tour of the royal family on the occasion of the coronation, which has led to extensive security throughout London.

The monarch and princes Guillermo and Catalina have greeted a group of people in The Mall, the street that connects with the palace and one of the places through which the procession that will accompany kings Carlos and Camila will travel this Saturday to the abbey Westminster, where the symbolic ceremony will take place.

The three representatives of the British royal family have shaken hands and listened to stories from the citizens, hardly alluding to what is to come. Princess Catalina has acknowledged that her children are “a little nervous” before “the big day”, according to statements collected by the BBC.

The streets of London are already decked out for the occasion, once the drills for some events have been completed that will take place throughout the morning and that will conclude with the greeting of the king and his family from the balcony of the main fa├žade of the palace. Carlos III was also present this Friday in the British capital’s subway, with messages broadcast over the public address system.

On an official level, Friday is marked by the arrival of international leaders, to whom the King will give an official reception at Buckingham. The Royal House has invited some 2,000 people to the coronation.