They understand the French demands, but do not focus their protests against Spanish production


The Coordinator of Farmers and Livestock Organizations (COAG), after the attacks that trucks with Spanish products are suffering by French farmers, has asked the European Union and the Government of Spain to guarantee the free circulation of merchandise.

“COAG farmers can understand the reasons that lead French farmers to mobilize. In fact, we share almost the same demands, but we cannot understand that they focus their protests on Spanish production when we are members of the European Union, the same as “the COAG agricultural production manager, Andrés Góngora, has criticized attacks on Spanish products in France.

The agrarian organization has claimed that the free circulation of merchandise must be “guaranteed.” “We demand that the European Union and the Spanish Government materialize this right and that they no longer protest against Spanish productions,” he stressed.

Regarding the protests of the French farmers, Góngora is “very surprised” that they focus them on the Spanish product and do not do so against Morocco, which “is flooding their market”, since 70% of the productions Moroccans enter precisely through French ports.

January is one of the months with the highest export volumes of national products, with France being the second destination for Spanish exports, but also a place of transit to other markets.

In this way, the export of fresh fruits and vegetables in January 2023 reached 1.24 million tons for a value of 1,636 million euros.