The leader of the PP, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, asked this Friday to support the Popular Party in the June 9 elections to “turn the page on this era of sanchismo”, “leave the decadence behind” and start a “new era” in Spain , after five years “suffering the agony of someone who is capable of selling anything and leaving the Spaniards sold.”

“If we disperse we will not have strength, if we concentrate we are unbeatable. Therefore, by mobilizing and concentrating the vote, on June 9 we will give a response,” Feijóo proclaimed at an electoral event in the Plaza del Cardenal Belluga in Murcia together with the president of the PP of the Region of Murcia, Fernando López Miras, and the candidate for the European Parliament for this community, Maravillas Abadía, who occupies 22nd place on the list.

Feijóo has called to go to the polls on June 9 to “respond to the bad policy and bad government” of Pedro Sánchez. “Spain has had good, bad, regular presidents of the Government, but none like this one, none. Not even Zapatero,” he stated, adding that “what is happening in Spain is not normal.”

For this reason, before hundreds of supporters and members of the PP who have interrupted him chanting ‘Oa, oa oa, Feijóo to Moncloa’, the head of the opposition has stated that “it is time to recover the credibility and usefulness of the institutions.” of the State”, as well as “the international reputation of Spain”.

“It is time to begin to leave behind the decadence, the disunity, the tension, the outburst, the insult and the disqualification from the Government. It is the time to look to the future, to turn the page on this era of sanchismo and start a new era in our country”, he stated, to affirm that Sánchez “is capable of selling anything and leaving the Spaniards sold”.

Furthermore, he stressed that Spain has a president who “says that he is a leader who is going to bring world peace and is not capable of putting peace in his Government. “This week they have broken the Government’s discipline six or seven times”, he has exclaimed with irony, to add that “how are they going to pay attention to him outside” the country.

After ensuring that in Spain they have the “most regressive Government in the last 45 years”, Feijóo has criticized that Sánchez, when there is news that he “does not like”, says that it is a “digital tabloid” and has asked if when the They publish media such as Le Figaro, Le Monde, or Il Corriere de la Sera and are also digital tabloids.

“What a shame we have spent these last few weeks seeing the corruption problems that threaten the President of the Government in all the newspapers in Europe. I understand that they will not be digital tabloids. Or is it that a digital tabloid is one that dares to report a fact and is “Is that a good newspaper that hides it?” he asked, to denounce that they are dedicated to giving “lessons of democracy” and “curtailing rights and freedoms.”