The Israeli Foreign Ministry conveyed this Thursday in person to the ambassadors of Spain, Ireland and Norway that the recognition of the State of Palestine announced the day before by their respective leaders will have “serious” consequences for bilateral relations, since it represents “a reward for terrorism” by Hamas.

The Government of Israel called its representatives in Madrid, Dublin and Oslo for consultations and, in parallel, summoned the ambassadors of these three countries in Tel Aviv. This meeting, headed by the director general of the Israeli Foreign Ministry, Yaakov Blitshtein, due to the absence of Minister Israel Katz, took place this Thursday.

Blitshtein has insisted on the criticism that Benjamin Netanyahu’s Executive had already expressed on Wednesday, ensuring that the recognition of Palestine does not promote peace in the area and complicates the negotiations for the release of the hostages who remain in the hands of Hamas since the attacks. on October 7th.

In this sense, it has been noted that the public satisfaction expressed by Hamas confirms the extent to which the group considers this type of gesture a success, according to a statement from the Israeli Foreign Ministry and which refers to other possible measures. additional measures against Spain, Ireland and Norway, without specifying these potential reprisals.

The Ministry has released images of the meeting in which it shows the three ambassadors, including the Spanish Ana Salomon, with televisions in the background showing scenes of the October 7 attacks. The Government had already announced on Wednesday that it would show them this type of videos.