At the presentation of his latest book, thousands of people have chanted: “Sánchez, compadre, la concha de tu madre”

The president of Argentina, Javier Milei, boasted this Wednesday from the Luna Park Stadium in Buenos Aires about the role of women in his Government despite the fact that in Spain they “treated him as a misogynist”, before a crowd of supporters who chanted insults at him. President of the Spanish Government, Pedro Sánchez.

“Sánchez, compadre, la concha de tu madre”, thousands of followers of the president have shouted at the presentation of his latest book ‘Capitalism, socialism and neoclassical trap’, thus reacting to the open diplomatic crisis between Spain and Argentina as a result of Milei will accuse the wife of the head of the Spanish Executive, Begoña Gómez, of being corrupt.

The Argentine president, after hearing the chants of the crowd, joked that his Foreign Minister, Diana Mondino, will ask him for “overtime” due to the diplomatic crisis. Subsequently, he has defended that in the composition of his Government 30 percent of the ministers are women but that during his recent visit to Spain he was called a “misogynist.”

“In Spain they treated me as a misogynist, but when you look at the composition in terms of percentage of women’s participation, our Government has more than 30 percent. And not only that, if you remember, we arrived with 16 ministries and we took them to eight. Yes Correct for the number of ministries that Pettovello absorbed, 70 percent of the structure is managed by women, which means that deep down I am a slob,” he said.

From the stadium, where a man dressed as Zorro has even attended in reference to the tensions with Spain, he has stated that he is willing to continue fighting for the world, criticizing “damned socialism”, and has called on his militants to join him. “If we don’t get into the mud, the lefties will carry us,” he warned.

On several occasions he has criticized “those enemies who want to overthrow this Government” and has asserted that he will make “four thousand structural reforms,” ​​while shouting “chainsaw.” Likewise, he has taken advantage of the occasion to criticize former vice president Cristina Kirchner. “Cristina is already in prison,” the militancy has shouted, to which they responded that “she would accompany them singing, but she would violate the independence of powers,” reports the Argentine television network Todo Noticias (TN).

The diplomatic crisis between Spain and Argentina broke out after Milei described Begoña Gómez, Sánchez’s wife, as “corrupt”, and has been increasing to the point that Madrid has permanently withdrawn the ambassador in Buenos Aires. María Jesús Alonso, a gesture described as “nonsense” by the Argentine president himself.