He believes it is “premature” to say that the current Executive renounces to carry out the public accounts on time

MADRID, 24 (EUROPA PRESS) – The acting Minister of Finance and Public Function, María Jesús Montero, stated this Thursday that the Government is doing everything possible so that the 2024 General State Budget (PGE) goes ahead in ” time and form”.

“The will of the Government is to be able to approve the Budgets in a timely manner so that they enter into force on December 31,” Montero said during an interview on TVE, collected by Europa Press.

Although she has recognized that the current political situation may “delay” their approval, the acting Finance Minister has insisted that it will simply be “a delay with respect to the approval” of the public accounts.

Montero has indicated that all the previous work that the budget project implies is being carried out, such as determining the perimeter where the public accounts of 2024 will move and the work with Brussels and within the Government itself, with the economic forecasts that will serve as a basis to next year’s PGE.

“We are going to continue working so that by the time it is constituted, the investiture is constituted and the Government is appointed, this project can be promoted, but it is still premature to say that the Budget project is abandoned,” he stressed.

In fact, the Minister of Finance has insisted that the instruction she has received from the acting President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, is to work on the budget project.