Only 0.29% of the shareholders could exercise this right of separation


Ferrovial has communicated that, once the legally established term has elapsed, no shareholder has exercised the right of separation by which they could sell their shares to the company in exchange for a price of 26 euros per title in case they are against the transfer of its headquarters in the Netherlands.

This was reported by the company this Wednesday to the National Securities and Markets Commission, after closing last Thursday the deadline for wayward shareholders to opt for this sale of shares at a price that would be lower than the market price.

Following the results of the voting at the company’s last shareholders’ meeting, only the holders of 0.29% of the company’s capital could actually exercise this right, this figure being the equivalent of those who voted against its transfer with respect to the total capital of the company, apart from Leopoldo del Pino (president Rafael del Pino’s brother), who will not sell, since it would mean the loss of all his representation in the company that his father founded.

That 0.29% is far from the 2.56% that the company proposed as a limit for the operation not to go ahead, which resulted in the payment by Ferrovial of 500 million euros to that percentage that sold its shares to the company before your transfer.