The injured Spaniard is evolving favorably but with a reserved prognosis, according to Foreign Affairs


One of the two Spaniards who were unharmed in Friday’s attack in Bamiyan, in central Afghanistan, is already traveling back to Spain while the other remains for now in the Asian country, where diplomats have already arrived to help in all cases. the efforts and the repatriation of the three deceased, sources from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs have reported.

According to sources, the second Spaniard who was not injured in the attack has preferred to remain there “by his wish” because he has to carry out “some personal arrangements” and will return to Spain “as soon as he decides.”

Meanwhile, the Spanish ambassador, Ricardo Losa, has already arrived in Kabul, who resides in Doha (Qatar) since Spain closed its embassy in August 2021 after the Taliban came to power for security reasons. Along with him, another diplomat from the Embassy in Pakistan has also done so.

Both have arrived in the country to help the survivors of the attack as well as to arrange the repatriation of the bodies of the three deceased. According to Foreign Affairs, they will remain in the country as long as necessary “until everyone leaves the country and all the bodies are repatriated.”

In that sense, they are in contact with the Kabul hospital where the Spanish woman who was injured during the attack remains admitted, after being transferred from Bamiyan. According to sources, “she is evolving favorably from her injuries, but her prognosis is reserved.”

“Diplomats are working to expedite the administrative procedures for the repatriation of the bodies of the three deceased Spaniards,” the sources have stressed.

A group of six Spaniards, accompanied by several Afghans and tourists of other nationalities, was attacked on Friday while they were doing some shopping in a bazaar in Bamiyan, the capital of the province of the same name famous for the giant Buddhas that the Taliban once dynamited.

Three of them, all Catalans, died in the shooting, while one more was injured and had to be rushed to Kabul. At the moment no group has claimed responsibility for the attack, the work of at least one unidentified armed man who opened fire on them, according to survivors.