The formation attacks this measure that promotes “the real estate bubble” and goes against the general interest


Podemos has attacked the announcement by the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, to launch a line of guarantees to help young people and families with minors in their care, that these types of measures are what Banco Santander wants, emulates the criteria of the PP and even “pleases” Vox.

The leader of the purple formation and Minister of Social Rights, Ione Belarra, has once again criticized the proposal of the Socialists, after recriminating on Sunday that it promoted “the mortgage spiral”, because in her opinion, it is based on an approach that they have already made “Loot and the PP” and that it “failed” in the United Kingdom.

“As long as it does not depend on Podemos, the PSOE’s housing proposals are contrary to the general interest. The entire housing law must be enforced,” he settled through a comment on Twitter.

The head of the Executive, consisting of deploying from the Official Credit Institute a series of guarantees to guarantee 20% of the mortgage on the first home for people under 35 years of age with incomes of less than 35 years and certain families.

In fact, in the purple formation there is discomfort at a measure that they learned about during the Sánchez rally and brand it as deeply wrong and even “infamous”.

Meanwhile, the state co-spokesperson for Podemos, Pablo Fernández, has delved into this line during the formation’s usual press conference on Mondays, reproaching that this type of measure is what fostered “the real estate bubble” in the country that brought “catastrophic results”.

In this way, it has launched that when Podemos does not lead the initiatives in the matter of housing, the proposals of the PSOE are contrary to the general interest. “We do not share Sánchez’s proposal in any way,” Fernández has deepened.

He has even urged the president to transfer the president of Banco Santander, Ana María Botín, with whom he will coincide imminently, to transfer him that the banks must “contribute more”, given the increase in their profits, and assume that the extraordinary tax to large entities it has to be doubled, as the purple ones advocate.

Faced with this, he has claimed that in order to “fight against speculation” it is necessary to fully apply the new State Housing Law, with regulation of the rental price and reserve the percentage in new promotions for public housing and increase the available park of the administration for social rental.

What’s more, he has proclaimed that the candidates of Podemos and IU are the best and the ones that will guarantee that state housing regulations are complied with in their respective territories.

He has also claimed that the measures of the Podemos framework program in real estate are “brave”, with measures such as creating a public real estate agency, taxing a new tax on 20% of the total purchase and sale in operations of acquisition and sale of flats in less than two years (real estate flipping).