This Saturday, Podemos presented a bill against real estate speculation and with measures to guarantee housing as a right in the face of the “serious housing emergency” that Spain is going through.

Specifically, the purple formation has presented as its main legal axes the extension to 10 years of the minimum duration of rental contracts (12 years in the case where the owner is a legal entity) and the imposition of a 2% limit. to tourist homes over the total residential supply.

Podemos has stated that the housing situation in Spain has been aggravated by the increases in interest rates by the European Central Bank (ECB), which are now at 4.5%, property purchases by ‘vulture funds’ and the proliferation of tourist rentals.

Likewise, from the formation they have argued that this proposal is inspired by a Dutch law – specifically, the Temporary Purchase and Rental Protection Law – approved in 2022 and that “has managed to reduce speculative operations.”

Linked to this legal initiative, Podemos has demanded that the Government of Pedro S├ínchez “act immediately” to guarantee a constitutional right and to “address the housing crisis that is drowning millions of families.”

On the other hand, the proposal also includes as measures the freezing of rental prices throughout the legislature, the authorization of local entities to prohibit the purchase of homes when it is for purposes other than residence and the imposition of a tax for avoid ‘flipping’ (short-term speculative purchase and sale operations).

In addition, Podemos intends to establish the obligation for large holders to take out 50% of their properties for social rent; In the case of Sareb (known as the ‘bad bank’), this percentage would increase to 75%.