Police and civil guards summoned by the Jusapol platform demonstrate this Saturday in Madrid to demand a dignified retirement from the Government of Pedro Sánchez, for which they demand a regulatory modification that “avoids the loss of purchasing power that thousands of public servants face of the law at the end of his working life”.

JUPOL and JUCIL participate in the demonstration, the two majority organizations in both the Police and the Civil Guard, both arising from Jusapol, as happened on March 4 against the ill-fated reform of the 2015 Citizen Security Law, known as its detractors as a ‘gag law’.

The march will begin at 12:00 noon at the Puerta de Alcalá roundabout and, at the end of the tour in the Plaza de las Cortes, various manifestos will be read.

The CSIF union, which supports the protest, will request equal pay for all prison workers and recognition as agents of authority “given the increase in violent episodes in prisons.”

“The difference between a civil guard or a national police officer in relation to a mosso d’esquadra of the Catalan regional police currently exceeds a thousand euros a month in pension and can also retire six years earlier,” Jusapol pointed out.

The platform denounces a “double discrimination”: on the one hand, those who will see their pension calculated based on the old regime of passive classes and who entered before the year 2011 and, on the other hand, the amounts “considerably lower than those received by officials of the regional police and that can reach a difference of up to a thousand euros per month”.

“The existing economic differences are the result of 30 years of abandonment by the Executives, since they have never wanted to recognize our profession in the same way as our regional counterparts”, pointed out the president of Jusapol, Miguel Gómez, who highlights that police and civil guards have a lower salary despite having “more powers and a deployment throughout the national territory.”