They consider it “logical” to incorporate this position into the party’s ideology


Several socialist leaders have expressed this Saturday their defense of the amnesty law agreed with the pro-independence parties and which the party incorporates into its ideology at the Political Convention being held this weekend in A Coruña. Thus, they indicate that it is a logical step and reject that it means assuming the independence discourse.

At the beginning of the second day of this conclave, the Government spokesperson and Minister of Education, Vocational Training and Sports, Pilar Alegría, affirms that it represents a commitment to improve coexistence and insists that she is convinced that the law is constitutional. “We are sure that we are going to continue improving coexistence, which will certainly be good for all the citizens of Spain,” she noted.

Alegría says that when the pardons were adopted for the independence leaders convicted by the process “a debate was generated and there were different opinions” but now the results are “unquestionable.”

He also says that they are eager to begin to transfer the political project for the next four years that will emerge from this Convention and to “continue applying and implementing measures that improve people’s lives.”

On this same issue, the leader of the PSC, Salvador Illa, has indicated that they have promoted this law to “look forward, so that we move forward and for the institutional, political and social normalization of Catalonia.”

He considers that it is “logical” that this position be incorporated into the Convention documents and rejects that it means assuming the discourse of the independence supporters. “It is assuming the discourse of coexistence, of harmony, of the future, of looking forward. And it seems to me that, if one knows a little about what is happening in Catalonia, one sees that reality goes where we say,” he says. .

Along the same lines, the PSOE spokesperson in Congress, Patxi López, has assured that they have never had “complexes” with this issue. “Another thing is that we have been silent because we were negotiating,” he noted.

On the contrary, he maintains that the amnesty is “the consistent step” of everything they have done in Catalonia “for the definitive reunion” in this community. “We are convinced that this will work as the other measures we have applied have worked,” he concluded.