Madrid, October 31, 2023.

The traveler will be able to carry out different procedures in their policy through their mobile phone and without the need to contact an operator.

Tourism continues to be one of the main drivers of the world economy. So far in 2023, the levels of tourist activity have exceeded those obtained in 2019 by 80%. However, the way of traveling has changed in recent years due to technology and the need to feel protected. The traveler profile currently seeks four essential requirements: security, protection, accessibility and immediacy. Therefore, the demand for travel insurance is increasing. These grew by 30% at the end of September compared to the same period in 2022, and more than 70% were contracted via mobile phone, according to data from Market Research from Allianz Partners. Therefore, with the aim that the user can carry out different procedures for their policy through this device, the Insurance and Assistance company Allianz Partners has launched a new self-management platform integrated into the company’s claims portal, One Claim. Thanks to this platform, the traveler will be able to directly cancel the policy and receive the refund immediately without the need for additional procedures such as calls to telephone agents. You will also be able to make modifications such as expanding the contracted coverage, adding an extra traveler, or changing the duration of the policy. In addition, the platform will allow the change of premium for the new conditions autonomously in 2024. It will also allow other procedures to be carried out, such as having all the documentation related to the insurance in a single repository, consulting the coverage of the contracted policy or downloading the insurance certificate in English, requested at many international borders. However, this commitment to digitalization and technology does not exclude the human relationship. At Allianz Partners there is a commitment to 24/7 customer service, especially in difficult moments that travelers may experience. Andrés Sánchez-Cid, head of Product and Innovation at Allianz Partners, guarantees exhaustive monitoring of travelers’ needs and personalized support: “there is always a team of highly qualified people who will provide help to whoever needs it,” he adds.

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