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Comprehensive analysis of megatrends in trade, technology, climate and workforce that are driving increased volatility and complexity. Report provides actionable insights to enable clients to make better risk and people decisions

Madrid, May 10, 2024.- Aon plc (NYSE: AON), a leading global professional services firm, has published the 2024 Client Trends Report: Better Decisions in Commerce, Technology, Climate and Workforce. In this In new analysis, Aon Risk and Human Capital leaders reflect on the profound transitions or megatrends driving greater volatility and complexity for the firm’s clients, as well as opportunities to protect and grow their businesses. The four customer megatrends highlighted in Aon’s comprehensive analysis – commerce, technology, climate and workforce – are interrelated and require new strategies to address risks that affect the entire company. “Every day, our clients across all sectors and regions tell us that it is increasingly difficult to make the right decisions amid the volatility and complexity created by these megatrends,” said Eric Andersen, president of Aon. “Trade is becoming more regional and supply chains are evolving, customers are trying to manage climate risk, technology and AI are impacting our customers and their businesses, and workforce behaviors and expectations are changing.”The report offers a deep dive into four client megatrends, covering:•  Trade: The driver of the global economy is the ability for trade to flow freely. But given its breadth and scope, it is not surprising that it faces several important, often interconnected and mutually reinforcing challenges, such as geopolitical instability, inflation, climate change, currency fluctuations and staff availability. •  Technology: Technological advancements have helped organizations improve operational efficiency, connect workers, and foster growth. However, these advances have also exposed companies to new and changing risks, such as AI-powered tools that empower the workforce, while creating new exposures to fraud and data security.•  Climate: Tailored As the frequency and severity of natural disasters and extreme weather increase, the significant economic and social impacts increase the need for action. While facing increasing regulations and geopolitical nuances, companies need access to richer data and analytics, climate modeling, and industry collaboration to drive meaningful, coordinated progress.•  Workforce: The inability to attract and retain talent. Talent remains one of the most immediate and impactful risks that companies face. Finding the balance between managing costs and maintaining an engaging employee experience is critical to success. You can read Aon’s full report here and listen to the special edition episode of the ‘On Aon’ podcast to learn more. about the direction of the company.

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