SEOUL, South Korea, May 4, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Automotive mobility and cybersecurity solutions company AUTOCRYPT has launched a comprehensive key management solution dedicated to the automotive industry. “AutoCrypt KEY” enables OEMs and suppliers to efficiently manage all types of cryptographic keys used for components in connected and electric vehicles.

Modern vehicles are powered by communications, including internal communications between ECUs and application processors, and external connections to nearby vehicles, road infrastructure, mobile devices, and charging stations. To ensure that all transmitted data is securely encrypted and that all connected components can be verified securely, the use of cryptographic keys is essential to establish trust between vehicle hardware, users and services.

Based on a robust key management system (KMS), AutoCrypt KEY provides all key management functions required for automotive production, including symmetric key, asymmetric key, public key infrastructure (PKI), storage Hardware Security Module (HSM) keying, Quantum Random Number Generation (QRNG), encryption, certification, and digital signature. Beyond these features, AUTOCRYPT helps OEMs and tier providers establish an integrated key management framework throughout the supply chain, maximizing security and efficiency.

“With increasingly advanced systems and components, cybersecurity now begins even before the automotive assembly line, with more and more component manufacturers using cryptographic keys in the production process,” explained Daniel ES Kim, CEO of AUTOCRYPT. . “AutoCrypt KEY guides OEMs and vendors in establishing a secure and efficient key-based security architecture.”

AutoCrypt KEY was recently adopted by major manufacturers of ADAS and battery management systems. To complement the solution, AUTOCRYPT offers consulting services to clients on regulatory and regulatory compliance.

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AUTOCRYPT is the leading player in automotive and smart mobility security technologies, paving the way for Cooperative Intelligent Transportation Systems (C-ITS) and autonomous driving through a multi-layered, holistic approach. Through security solutions for V2X, V2G (including PnC security), in-vehicle systems and fleet management systems, AUTOCRYPT ensures security is prioritized and optimized before vehicles hit the road.

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