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At the Samplia Plaza de Callao 1 location, the incredible Better Balance pop-up shows the latest developments from this brand committed to creating delicious and healthy products made from the highest quality vegetable protein.

Madrid, May 9, 2024.- On a spring afternoon, with temperatures approaching 25 degrees, in the emblematic Plaza de Callao in Madrid, the Samplia location is soaked in the vibrant Better Balance corporate colors. The brand’s pop-up seduces Madrid residents and visitors by highlighting the focus on helping people find their best version while taking care of the planet. Samplia and Better Balance come together to offer a unique and delicious gastronomic experience, which reflects a commitment to sustainability and well-being. Attendees had the opportunity to enjoy a unique gastronomic experience and taste delicious burgers made to order with Better Balance products. In addition, the atmosphere of the establishment, decorated with plants and in a relaxed and welcoming environment, transported visitors to a garden urban of good taste, where they could enjoy food and company. The event also included the opportunity to participate in an exciting game with prizes, adding a touch of fun to the experience. Better Balance not only offers delicious products, it also promotes a new healthy and environmentally friendly food culture. At a time when climate change is an undeniable reality, it is crucial to adopt more sustainable food practices. Better Balance is at the forefront of this cause, proving that it is possible to enjoy delicious and responsible gastronomy. An example of this has been this experience at the Samplia Callao location, in the center of Madrid, demonstrating, once again, the commitment of brands committed to creating a healthy and sustainable future and that invite you to try new things and enjoy of life in a bite.—————————————————–Samplia is a leading company in the field of promotional marketing with expertise in the intelligent distribution of samples through its Samplia app, which already has a community of more than 1.7 million consumers willing to try, evaluate and comment on its clients’ products. Thanks to its innovative platform and its wide user base, it has positioned itself as the number one company in the Smart Sampling sector. The Spanish company has a presence in several countries in Europe and America. Among the services it offers to brands include the Samplia Machines (which were the first sampling machines in the world), the exclusive Samplia Experience premises to create pop-up stores in premium locations and 360 Brand Experiences, the gondola headers! SampliaGO! in checkout lines of the best Carrefour, Micro and Macro Events, Sampling specialized in retailers or Roadshows. The objective of all Samplia campaigns is always to carry out measured and digitized samplings, achieve more than 12 million visual impacts per month, obtain feedback from 85% of testers and present them in quantitative market studies and significantly increase sales and repurchases. of the promoted products. Discover more about Samplia at www.samplia.com

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