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Clickferry, the leading ferry price comparator in the Spanish market, commemorates its 15th anniversary with exclusive offers and surprises for its clients

Malaga, May 24, 2024.-

Clickferry is a company from Malaga that has been dedicated for more than a decade and a half to providing travelers with a ferry price and schedule comparison tool. As an added value, it is possible to buy the ticket directly on its own website. What began as a technological startup in 2009 is now a consolidated company that operates in international markets and does not stop growing. This achievement has been achieved without the intervention of investors external, thanks to the tireless efforts of its CEO and a committed team. Since its inception, Clickferry has crossed borders and faced various challenges such as the COVID health crisis. Despite this, it has managed to establish a solid presence in the global market, demonstrating that with vision, determination and a passionate team, it is possible to conquer any challenge. This 2024, and on the occasion of the celebration of its 15th anniversary, they have prepared different surprises to reward the loyalty of your customers. They will organize raffles on social networks and will give away refunds for two of the reservations made on their website to travel to the Balearic Islands this summer. Featured offers and international expansion During these months, the company offers attractive promotions for those who are planning a trip. One of the most notable is the Valencia-Ibiza route, with prices from €9 each way during the month of July. These offers reflect Clickferry’s commitment to affordable and convenient access to ferry travel. Promotions are also available on the Denia to Ibiza Ferry route and interesting discounts are also offered for travel on other ferry routes to the Balearic Islands, providing attractive options to discover these idyllic destinations during the summer.Advantages of traveling by ferry Traveling by ferry offers multiple benefits, being an outstanding alternative for those who want to carry sports equipment, bicycles or camping equipment without worrying about the luggage limit. In addition, travelers can board their own vehicle, allowing them to explore the destination with complete freedom and without depending on rental services. The onboard facilities, similar to those of a cruise ship, provide a pleasant and comfortable voyage with restaurants, rest areas and the option of traveling in a cabin. This option is perfect for arriving at your destination rested and being able to enjoy the trip from the first minute.Exploring new routes In addition to the popular routes to Ibiza and the Balearic Islands, Clickferry facilitates trips to a variety of charming destinations. From connections with Morocco and Algeria to trips to the autonomous cities of Ceuta and Melilla, and routes to the Canary Islands, travelers have numerous options at their disposal to plan their summer vacations and getaways. Today, the company is offering an exclusive 15% discount on all Naviera Armas routes for reservations made between 05/25 and 05/27. It is also possible to travel to destinations such as Italy and Sardinia from Barcelona, ​​as well as to Ireland and the United Kingdom from Northern Spain.Clickferry’s continued commitment As Clickferry approaches its 16th year, it reaffirms its commitment to providing exceptional service. Through its efforts and continuous improvement of services, Clickferry has established itself as a preferred option for booking ferry trips, offering a reliable platform for planning and booking. Not in vain, the company has an exceptional score of 4.65 out of 5 according to data from the Trusted Shop platform that acts as a review verifier. In addition to collecting all the offers from the shipping companies, the company offers added values ​​to the trip and has with its own and exclusive offers that ensure you get the best price. Among others, its Click Discounts program stands out, which allows you to accumulate savings points on each reservation and its agreement to offer its clients a 15% discount on hotels. If you are looking for inspiration to organize ferry trips, it is advisable to visit the offers section of its website and follow the company on its social networks so as not to miss any flash promotions.

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