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Madrid, May 23, 2024.- Poor combustion in the mechanical system of a car entails a series of consequences that compromise the optimal functioning of the engine. In addition, fuel consumption increases, which increases CO₂ emissions and affects the environment. To solve this problem, the engineer and CEO of the Eco Carburante Motor firm, José Antonio Martínez, has developed a series of formulas to treat any type of fuel and turn it into a zero-emission fuel.

Innovation in fuel treatment to reduce the carbon footprint

Eco Carburante Motor has a history of more than 20 years producing chemical and non-chemical products to meet the needs of the automotive sector. Through its R&D department, it has developed innovative solutions to reduce the CO₂ footprint generated by the vehicle fleet. This company specializes in treating any type of fuel to convert it into a zero-emission fuel. To this end, it offers a series of products on the market such as fuel savers, ecological carbon cleaner and ITV gas additive, which are widely accepted among its users.

Benefits for vehicles, the environment and the economy

In addition to contributing to the reduction of carbon emissions into the atmosphere, and improving the performance of cars, green fuels allow for significant money savings. In fact, the additives developed by Eco Carburante Motor guarantee fuel savings of up to 15%, and additional vehicle performance between 100 and 150 km with the same tank.

An example of this is seen in the operation of the fuel saver, which eliminates black smoke, cleaning and protecting the particle filters.

Finally, these fuels achieve an increase in engine torque, favoring economical driving at low speeds, another element that makes it a fuel saving option to take into account.


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