-Hanersun, a pioneer in innovations for rooftop photovoltaics, launches the new series of ABC Hitouch 5A modules

NANJING, China, Nov. 15, 2023/PRNewswire/ — On November 15, Hanersun introduced its new Hitouch 5A module series, a new high-efficiency photovoltaic module based on advanced back contact cell (ABC) technology. The newly launched product integrated full interconnection along with non-destructive cutting and high-density encapsulation, elegantly combining aesthetics and efficiency while improving reliability and durability.

Aesthetic and efficient, aimed at distributed scenarios

In an increasingly customized market with more differentiated demands and higher standards, distributed solar applications especially require aesthetically pleasing modules with superior efficiency within space and roof limitations. The Hitouch 5A series is optimally positioned to address this need.

The modern, fresh look of the front barless design gives an elegant look in all application scenarios. Additionally, multiple innovations in production processes significantly improve real-world performance. Performance tests show that the maximum output power of the series reaches 600W and the maximum conversion efficiency is up to 23.2%, a gain of 5 to 10W over the same form factor TOPCon modules.

Reliable and durable, withstanding the test of extremes

The 182mm silicon wafers in this series provide broad system compatibility with various mounting structures and inverters. The full-back interconnect design improves microcrack resistance and reduces the risk of hot spots for safer, more reliable performance. The Hitouch 5A series also demonstrates excellent environmental resistance, resisting salt spray, ammonia and sand dust while withstanding high temperatures and humidity.

Hanersun offers a 25-year maximum linear power warranty for the Hitouch 5A series to maximize project profitability throughout the life of the product, delivering significant returns for investors. At the same time, the company will strategically promote the series globally, offering customized solutions for customers distributed around the world.

With PV markets transitioning towards higher quality development, Hanersun’s recently launched Hitouch 5A series represents an ideal solution to the current trend of product customization and differentiation. In the future, Hanersun will maintain continuous investment in R&D to further advance product efficiency on the path of sustainable energy.

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