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SHENZHEN, China, Jan. 19, 2024/PRNewswire/ — Today, Huawei Digital Power released its 2024 White Paper on Top 10 Site Power Trends. Li Shaolong, President of Huawei Site Power Facility Domain, gave a detailed interpretation of these trends that will drive the green energy transition of telecom operators.

Trend 1: from energy consumers to prosumers

Tower operators and companies (towercos) are moving from mere energy consumers to proactive energy producers. This shift is critical to reshaping the global energy landscape towards a low-carbon society. Operators are now focusing on building low-carbon green networks, while also producing green energy and participating in energy scheduling through the deployment of new energy, such as photovoltaic (PV) systems and storage systems. of energy (ESS).

Trend 2: green energy

For the telecommunications energy sector, a standardized green energy system will be built from three dimensions: energy self-sufficiency, reasonable profits, and security and stability, thus making the construction and use of green sites a new normal.

Trend 3: energy backup energy storage

The industry will shift from focusing solely on power backup to integrating power backup with energy storage. This evolution will lead to more cyclical applications such as peak phasing services and virtual power plants (VPPs). The telecommunication VPP energy storage system is characterized by its simplicity, intelligence and convergence of multiple services.

Trend 4: From telecommunication site to shared site

In addition to supplying power for communication services, telecommunications sites can develop diversified services such as “edge computing communication” or “residential power supply communication” according to local needs, expanding the service scope of the sites. Telecommunication sites support eMIMO mode and intelligent collaboration to provide more advanced services.

Trend 5: Low carbon site

In response to growing energy demand and carbon neutrality goals, tower operators and companies are focusing on building low-carbon sites. This means adopting multiple standards, multiple solutions and intelligent management.

Trend 6: simple site

Operators continue to build energy networks with simple architecture, superior quality, cost-effectiveness and optimal experience, building simple sites in multiple dimensions.

Trend 7: Smart Site

With the help of power electronics and digital technologies, the complete linkage of sites from power generation, conversion, storage, distribution, consumption to management works intelligently. By “managing watts with bits”, the power supply system enters an intelligent era.

Trend 8: generation-grid-charging-storage synergy

A site’s power supply system, power grid and charging devices are no longer isolated from each other to achieve intelligent synergy between generation-grid-charging-storage. For example, by participating in energy services including intelligent peak staging and VPP, sites can offer additional energy benefits.

Trend 9: Diversified battery technologies

Battery technology at telecommunications sites is diversifying in terms of materials, applications and management technologies. This includes a shift toward materials such as sodium batteries, known for their stability and accessibility.

Trend 10: security and reliability

Operators will build secure and reliable energy networks by focusing on device security, network security, security authentication, and reliable processes and outcomes.

By publishing the top 10 site power trends in 2024, Huawei Digital Power aims to provide the benefits of technological innovation and promote the development and prosperity of the industry, as part of our contributions to the sustainable development and commercial success of operators and tower companies.

For more information, download the White Paper: https://digitalpower.huawei.com/en/activity/detail/232.html

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