Spain, October 31, 2023.

Naturamia, a brand of Levantina Group, world leader in the stone sector since 1959, has repositioned its brand and presents a new corporate identity, to further reinforce its unique commitment to nature. The firm, aware that brands are the experience they transmit, has created a new slogan, Inspiring

“With this rebranding, our objective has fundamentally been to transmit to the outside world what for us is already our brand,” Blanco continues. In all its collections, Naturamia rewards the beauty of the original stones above any other attribute. His creations based on granite, magma cooled under the earth’s crust, or quartzite, coming from quartz subjected to extreme conditions, are their own nature and the best proof that the power of the original stone and nature are the common thread of the brand.The success of Naturamia comes from the firm’s vision of putting nature at the center of all its developments, in such a way that incorporating the original stone in domestic spaces allows us to create more friendly environments oriented toward well-being. In short, what the Levantina Group brand tries, or does, is to give the opportunity to literally take a “little piece” of nature and put it at home. Only in this way can this essence be transferred to homes, creating inspiring and unrepeatable spaces, as well as practical and functional. “Because there is nothing more sustainable than nature itself and an ancient original stone, which lasts a lifetime and ages with you,” says Eva Blanco. Naturamia’s new trends and proposals coincide with the rebranding and adapt perfectly to a new commercial trend (driven by demand) of seeking the natural as a part of life and thus taking advantage of its unquestionable properties as a generator of well-being. All in all, these ‘natural’ centers inside homes contribute to well-being, calm and relaxation through the creation of perfect spaces to reconnect on a sensory and emotional level. Regarding the textures and colors chosen by Naturamia for His new collection stands out for its richness, with a preponderance of tones of light gray, dark gray, off-white, vanilla, ivory and black that are intertwined with metallic, ocher and grayish blue flashes. The entire effect is the creation of a unique palette that aims to evoke the very essence of nature. On the other hand, this ‘natural’ approach does not prevent them from being surfaces created with exquisite aesthetics and high functionality. In addition, Naturamia has a very special seal: the Levantina Group seal, the world’s leading firm in the stone sector. since 1959, which has a great legacy and heritage. This means that the collection has the support of a company with nearly 70 years of experience in the sector. This, for example, can be seen in the quality of the materials from the mines that the group has throughout the world or its continued innovation creating beautiful but functional products: in fact, the surfaces receive a bacteriostatic and anti-stain treatment developed by the company, in such a way that they offer great resistance to high temperatures, are easy to clean (and difficult to stain) and prevent the generation of bacteria. Commitment to nature Levantina Group, and by extension Naturamia, also stand out for their care with the environment. In the end, a firm that is committed to nature understands that its purpose must be to take care of the environment. Therefore, all the extraction and preparation processes of the plates are sustainable. The new image of Naturamia also seeks to transmit this guiding principle for the company, which is found in the essence of each product, as well as to reinforce its commitment to excellence and quality that has made the brand recognized since its foundation. “It is our commitment, because if we want to continue enjoying that nature, it is essential to respect it and take care of it,” concludes Blanco.

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