Barcelona, ​​May 8, 2023.

Smoking Paper combines different sustainability initiatives, together with specific measures to effectively reduce its environmental impact. The brand has obtained the highest rating in CDP Water Security and CDP Forest in the Leadership category. It also maintains various initiatives and campaigns in favor of sustainability and the environment such as Roll with Green, among others.

The leading Spanish company specialized in rolling paper booklets, Smoking Paper, maintains a growing investment in policies, initiatives and actions with which to preserve environmental sustainability. This philosophy of reducing its impact on the carbon footprint has even received recognition by CDP, with the highest rating in some of its categories. However, Smoking Paper’s greatest impact on sustainability can be seen in already consolidated initiatives such as its popular Roll with Green, with which it has encouraged the planting of more than 167,000 trees.”Meet Smoking Paper’s Roll with Green initiative” Roll with Green is an initiative that the brand raised in collaboration with Trees for the Future to plant 165,000 trees. Once this objective has been exceeded, it has been decided to continue with this action, now with the somewhat more ambitious challenge of planting 200,000 trees. At the moment, the 167,200 planted have already been exceeded. The initiative is based on the participation of users. When using social networks

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