NEW YORK, May 5, 2023/PRNewswire/ — Vtoman, the leading provider of portable power and renewable energy solutions, is pleased to announce the upcoming release of its new product, the FlashSpeed ​​Pro 3000 Home Backup Battery Generator. Vtoman will launch a crowdfunding campaign in early May 2023 on Kickstarter. This entry-level expandable home battery backup generator with a high capacity of 2.8 kWh is ready to change the game in the backup power industry.

many ports of departure

FlashSpeed ​​Pro 3000 has a variety of output ports, including 2200W AC outlets, 100W USB-C ports, 48V DC ports, etc., which can meet various charging needs and charge up to 14 devices simultaneously.

1800W AC ultra-fast charging

FlashSpeed ​​Pro 3000 features an 1,800W AC input port, allowing ultra-fast AC charging. With AC input, users can fully recharge it in just 90 minutes. Users can also charge FlashSpeed ​​Pro 3000 with 600W solar panels.

Large 2816 Wh capacity with expandable add-on battery

The FlashSpeed ​​Pro 3000 itself has a large capacity of 2,816Wh. By connecting it to additional batteries, users can expand its capacity up to a staggering 5,632Wh. Whether you’re camping in the backcountry or experiencing a blackout at home, it’s a great backup power option.

Multifunction emergency flashlight

The detachable flashlight is another innovative feature of FlashSpeed ​​Pro 3000. It can be used as a portable light source for illumination, a jump starter for disabled cars, and as a power bank to charge smartphones, tablets, etc. .

UPS function

FlashSpeed ​​Pro 3000 can be used as an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) that allows electrical appliances to continue operating when the mains power is out. Helps eliminate the risk of power outage to critical services and protects against loss of critical data.

The FlashSpeed ​​Pro 3000 Kickstarter event is about to go online, and fans can expect to get super early priced products. To learn more about FlashSpeed ​​Pro 3000, users can support its Kickstarter campaign here starting May 9, or you can also keep up with VTOMAN on social media via its official Vtoman website, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.






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