The Minister for Territorial Policy and Government spokesperson, Isabel Rodríguez, stated this Thursday that as affected she does not yet know the resolution in relation to the opening of a disciplinary file after two warnings for attacking the PP from Moncloa.

However, he has always expressed the “most absolute respect for them”, while making it clear to the media that his work “as a spokesperson for the Government, what I always try to do is answer your questions” and, in any case, He has said, “when I am questioned about a specific matter, attend to that specificity”.

This was stated before presenting in Malaga the intervention of the PSOE candidate for mayor of the capital, Daniel Pérez, at an informative breakfast of ‘Forum Europe. Tribuna Andalucía’ and when she was questioned about the fact that the Central Electoral Board (JEC) informed her of the opening of a disciplinary file for violating her duty of neutrality during the electoral period from the press conference after the Council of Ministers.

He has also insisted that “we are in an electoral period that is always exciting, but without a doubt for citizens the most important thing in an electoral period is to know what we propose” each of the political formations.

“I think it is very clear what the position of the PSOE is, what we are defending, as our candidate Daniel –Pérez– defends here in Malaga for his city”, he explained, while adding that “we are defending a different model , an advance model that reflects these employment data, the economic transformation of our country and also of our cities, while we support a model of social protection with important policies such as housing”.

In short, he has argued, “a process of transformation, progress, protection of citizens.” Faced with this, he has added that “on the other side we would also like to know what is offered and I believe that in electoral periods the most important thing is to be able to oppose proposals, ideas.”

“Clearly the PSOE is facing a positive campaign, endorsed by the management, but certainly in the PP we do not find what their proposal is, perhaps they do not want to tell it even though we remember what they did in recent years,” he concluded.