The Government of Spain, through the Ministry of Defense, clarified this Saturday that it does not contemplate Mahón (Menorca) becoming a naval base for the Atlantic Alliance (NATO).

In a statement, the Ministry of Defense has reported that “there is no provision for the Balearic territory to become a naval base for the organization, beyond its current role as a specific port of call for the Alliance’s permanent fleets.”

Defense has thus come out against the information that indicated that Mahón would be the third NATO naval base in Spain, along with Rota and Cartagena.

The statement also came after criticism from left-wing parties – Més per Menorca, Podemos and Esquerra de Menorca – that the Mahón naval station is one of the Spanish bases participating in ‘Operation Sea Guardian’. of NATO, focused on knowledge of the maritime environment to deter and fight terrorism, as well as mitigate other threats.

The one in Menorca is one of the many capabilities that Spain usually offers to NATO. In this sense, it must be remembered that it is common for Alliance ships to call at this port.