Spanish banks that operate in the retail segment in other European countries (Santander, BBVA, Bankinter, Abanca, CaixaBank, through BPI, and Sabadell, through TSB) offer deposits and remuneration in current accounts in these countries that are They are on average between 3% and 5%, despite the fact that in Spain remuneration is much lower or does not exist at all.

Although it is something that entities have been criticized for since the rise in interest rates began, they have always attributed the low remuneration to the ample liquidity that exists in the banking system and to the fact that the price of liabilities is established through the free market.

Likewise, the differences that exist between euro countries and countries with other currencies, such as the United Kingdom or Poland, are also often argued, since the interest rate situation is different.

In Italy, the only Spanish bank present with business and operations in the retail segment is BBVA, which recently reached 360,000 clients and operates exclusively digitally. The entity offers a remuneration of 4% on the current account balance until January 31, 2025. Likewise, it offers a deposit to its clients that earns 4.25% and can be contracted with balances of up to 50,000 euros.

This contrasts with the situation in Spain, where BBVA chooses to remunerate customers who recommend the bank to friends or family, but do not remunerate the current account balance. The only deposit available on their website is a combined deposit with a fund that offers a fixed interest of between 0.15% and 0.65% APR.

In Portugal, Bankinter, Santander, Abanca and CaixaBank are present, through BPI. The bank led by María Dolores Dancausa offers the same Payroll Account as in Spain, paying 5% the first year and 2% the second year. As well as an account paid at 1%, which in the case of Spain can reach 1.50% if a balance of more than 50,000 euros is reached.

However, Bankinter offers three other deposits for its clients. One for new clients that rents 4% APR with a maturity of four months, a deposit for current clients that rents 3.5% for six months, and a one-year deposit that offers an APR interest of 3%.

In Spain, Bankinter’s offer in deposits is limited to dollar deposits, which earn 4% APR in the case of one-year deposits, or 3.84% APR for half-year deposits.

Banco Santander offers a varied range of bank deposits in Portugal. On the one hand, it offers six-month deposits with an APR of 2.10% for balances of less than 15,000 euros and 2.25% for larger balances.

It also has a deposit linked to its Mundo 123 Account, with an interest of 2.30%, as well as a deposit for clients with mortgages that offers 3.50% and can be contracted from 15,000 euros.

In Spain, the bank led by Ana Botín does not generally offer deposits to retail clients, only investment funds and savings insurance.

Regarding Abanca, it offers a welcome deposit to new clients at 3% for 12 months, while for current clients, the remuneration is 2.75%. In Spain, the bank does not offer deposits generally to its clients and only remunerates current account balances at 2% during the first year.

For its part, BPI offers a deposit for clients with a one-year mortgage with an interest of 3.50%, while for other clients the offer includes a 2.25% APR on a two-year or 2% deposit. in the case of three years.

In Spain, CaixaBank focuses its offer on savings insurance, although it offers a deposit at 1% APR for one year, with the possibility of increasing this remuneration if additional products and services are contracted.

In the other two countries in which Spanish banks have a presence, they are outside the euro zone, so the interests offered are slightly higher as they depend on monetary policies outside the European Central Bank (ECB).

The British TSB, owned by Sabadell, rewards current account savings with a 2.92% APR. Likewise, it offers a deposit that earns 4% for one year, and another that earns 5.20% and has a maturity of two years.

All in all, the Catalan bank is one of the most aggressive in Spain when it comes to savings collection. Recently, it announced that it would offer an indefinite return of 2% for its online account for a maximum balance of 20,000 euros.

For its part, Santander offers two paid current accounts in the United Kingdom. One that offers an interest of 3.50% for a balance of up to 25,000 pounds (28,700 euros), and another that pays 7% up to 4,000 pounds (4,600 euros).

The offer is completed with two one-year deposits that yield 3.20% and 5.25%, as well as a deposit with periodic contributions that offers an annual interest of 5%.

In Poland, where only Santander is present, it remunerates the current account balance at 2%, while it offers a deposit at 5% APR for three months, another at 5% APR for four months and a deposit that rents 2.5 % To one year.