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There is an Aiper pool cleaning robot for every pool, budget and cleaning needs Aiper Scuba S1, the brand’s best-seller, allows for efficient and personalized cleaning

Madrid, May 23, 2024.- Cleaning the pool is one of the most annoying household chores. However, thanks to technological advances, new tools emerge every day that are of great help. Along these lines, Aiper, experts in garden care, offers solutions to enjoy every moment of life, while its pool cleaning robots take care of the work. Below is a selection taking into account the size of the pool, budget and need for cleaning. Scuba S1: the best-seller It is the brand’s star product and has been awarded the CES 2024 Innovation Award. The Scuba S1 Cleans in-ground pools up to 1,500 square feet in 2.5 hours. Caterpillar treads allow good traction and over obstacles. Plus, with patented WavePath™ Navigation Technology 2.0, the robot follows the natural flow of the pool to increase end-to-end cleaning coverage. It has three cleaning modes to suit the consumer: floor, wall and floor wall, as well as a new ecological mode for periodic cleaning every 48 hours, which guarantees a pool always ready to enjoy. The Scuba S1 has a reduced price of €599.99 and is available on the Aiper website. Scuba S1 Pro: living life on the sideThis robot is perfect for cleaning larger in-ground pools, up to 200 square meters. In addition to the S1’s own specs like Caterpillar treads and WavePath™ 2.0 navigation technology, the Scuba S1 Pro features dual ultra-fine filters and uses sensors to maneuver around obstacles. It features five cleaning modes, including the world’s first horizontal waterline cleaning mode, called WaveLine™ Technology. To get more out of this robot, you can purchase the communication beacon, HydroComm, which allows users to connect wirelessly with the pool cleaner robot through the Aiper app. The Scuba S1 Pro is now on sale and has a final price €1,099.99, available for purchase on the Aiper website. Scuba SE: easy in every way. It represents one of the brand’s simplest proposals and is perfect for beginners in the world of pool cleaning. Its characteristics allow it to perform impeccable cleaning in pools of up to 80 square meters, and in less than 90 minutes. This small, but powerful pool cleaner has a lightweight design and a dual motor system. The Scuba SE has a much more affordable price, and now reduced, of €189.99 and is available on the Aiper website. Surfer S1: a cleaning with solar energyA perfect option for a more superficial cleaning, but just as necessary. It is designed for any type of pool: normal, saline-colored or natural. The Surfer S1’s brushless motor reduces wear and optimizes performance for efficient cleaning capabilities and longer life. Aiper Surfer S1, allows sustainable cleaning of the pool with a solar charging method and a battery of up to 12 hours. This way, whenever it is running, its battery will be charging. In addition, its 5-liter waste basket will prevent you from having to empty it regularly. The Surfer S1 has a reduced price of €469.99 and is available on the Aiper website. For more information on Aiper products, visit www.Aiper.com.About Aiper Aiper is the leading global creator of innovative cordless robotic pool cleaners, with a mission to bring the holidays home by inspiring pool owners. Turn your yards into a personal oasis with the help of smarter cleaning solutions. After thoroughly researching the pain points of traditional pool cleaners, the company embarked on a path to merge technology with innovative design and create the world’s easiest-to-use robotic pool cleaners, which are not only free of Cordless and hassle-free, they can also automatically handle all the dirty work so pool owners stop cleaning manually. Unlike other products on the market, each Aiper robot is guaranteed to minimize the time and money spent on cleaning efforts and provide more time to enjoy quality moments with friends and family poolside. Through this, Aiper has earned its place as the best cordless robotic pool cleaner in the world since its launch. In 2023 and 2024, Aiper products have been awarded CES Innovations Award Honorees.

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