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The data recently published by GfK DAM for the month of April confirms Delivery as the most prominent option in terms of online audience. This recognition is based on metrics that demonstrate its positioning as a preferred choice for digital planning, by grouping highly relevant media in a single list, always within a 100% brand safe environment.

Madrid, May 20, 2024.- During the month of April, Delivery has notably exceeded its expectations and the internal audience figures for 2023, which stood at 20 million unique users. According to GfK DAM data, Delivery has reached 26.4 million unique users, representing 66.2% coverage of the total. This figure not only stands out compared to its competitors, but also underlines its capacity for growth and adaptation in the digital field. Delivery includes in its PRAN large independent news titles and editorial groups, mainly of a regional and local nature, with a coverage that It covers the entire Spanish geography, including all the Autonomous Communities (CCAA) and the Autonomous Cities of Ceuta and Melilla. This scope allows Delivery to offer a diverse and complete information offer, adapted to the needs of the different regions of the country. Comparison with other publishing groups According to the data presented in the GfK DAM table for April 2024, Delivery is positioned above other important publishing groups in Spain:•  PRISA Media: With 61.2% coverage and 24.3 million unique users.•  Grupo Prensa Ibérica: Reaching 56.9% coverage and 22.6 million unique users. •  CAN Vocento Total: With 56% coverage and 22.3 million unique users. •  Webedia Group: With 55.3% coverage and 22 million unique users. •  RCS MediaGroup – Editorial Unit: With 51. 5% coverage and 20.5 million unique users. Others, such as Grupo Godó, El León De El Español Publicaciones S.A., and Henneo Media S.A. They also appear in the ranking, with lower coverage and unique users compared to Delivery. Source: Table prepared by the authors based on GfK DAM data from the Advertising Focus/COMPANY dashboard for the month of April 2024. It should be noted that Delivery debuts in the ranking GfK DAM, official measurer of digital consumption in Spain, this month, and does so with the support of its editorial partners, for whom it carries out commercial work in different areas, and with the focus on incorporating new titles for future waves .

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