Madrid, November 17, 2023.

This milestone occurs after a year of accelerated growth in which the company has reached more than 20,000 users, more than €4M in assets under management and the support of global investors with a capital injection of €6.5 million. BitMart, Uniswap and Bit2Me have been the platforms chosen for the purchase and sale of the RND Token. Rand Pro will be available on November 23

Rand, a FinTech specialized in promoting medium and long-term savings in the European Union, will issue the RND as a utility token, from the company’s parent company in Spain. It will be the exchange currency in the first tokenized subscription system in Europe .Rand has chosen a series of international exchanges for the purchase and sale of the RND token and it will be made effective through Bitmart and Uniswap this coming November 21 and in Bit2Me, the leading exchange in the Spanish market on November 29. The issue of the token is possible after a year of Rand growth, at a rate of 19% monthly and more than €4M in assets under management. Created in 2022, Rand is registered by the Bank of Spain (D697), operates with Pecunia Cards and aims to become one of the most relevant savings platforms in Europe in the coming years. Rand is present in 24 countries, with more than 4 million euros under management and more than 20,000 clients. Its goal is to close this year with more than 40,000 registered users and in 2024 reach 120,000 users. As an innovative financial firm, it uses Web3 to make saving simpler, more accessible and safer. The company has built a team comprised of experts from companies such as PwC, Facebook, Google, Goldman Sachs and Deutsche Bank to achieve this vision. Rand’s standout product is the Earn account, which offers an impressive annual rate of return (APY) of 5%. Offering its users savings constantly and in the long term, enjoying a highly competitive annual return compared to the competition. Martín, CEO of Rand points out that “since the beginning of our project, we have constantly focused on growth, always aligning our objectives with those of the users. A clear example is our focus on Earn accounts, where we only generate income if users have previously earned returns.” Founder and CEO Pol Martín explains that “Rand seeks to provide high-yield savings, building a path towards a more prosperous financial future. Thanks to our proprietary technology and the official registration as a custodian and exchange of crypto assets by the Bank of Spain, we are positioning ourselves as an influential project in the financial sector.” The maximum amount of tokens will create or be available to be used on the network is 200,000 million. There will be no additional issuance of tokens once the maximum supply is reached.

Contact Contact name: Tatiana Bohm Contact description: Account executive Contact phone: 689 34 14 34