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With an experience of almost 10 years, IMOU has established itself in the market as experts in security, network and technology for the home. The brand, with a presence in more than 80 countries, has IMOU Cloud, a cloud with more than 20 nodes around the world that already has more than 40 million registered users. IMOU SENSE™, an Al algorithm that includes video, audio and navigation, as well as perception algorithms. The use of cutting-edge technology makes lMOU devices one of the most precise and intelligent

Madrid, May 23, 2024.- IMOU, a leading brand in smart video surveillance technology, has announced its arrival in the Spanish market with a wide range of products designed to meet the needs of security, connectivity and home automation in the home. With a focus Prioritizing innovation and quality, IMOU offers advanced security camera solutions that incorporate cutting-edge technologies such as motion detection, night vision, and real-time transmission through mobile devices. In this sense, the IMOU SENSE™ algorithm stands out, which includes video, audio and navigation, as well as perception algorithms. The use of this cutting-edge technology makes IMOU devices among the most precise and intelligent on the market, providing users with reliable and effective security. IMOU also has its own cloud service: IMOU Cloud, a common cloud with more than 20 nodes around the world and more than 40 million registered users. The brand stands out for its commitment to ease of use and accessibility, allowing users to control and monitor their spaces from anywhere and at any time. Among the featured products in the IMOU catalog are:•  A1 2K: A high-resolution camera that offers sharp and detailed images for optimal surveillance.•  Ranger Dual 6MP: Capable of capturing high-quality images both day and night, this camera is ideal for outdoor surveillance.•  Cruiser SE 4MP: Designed to provide wide coverage and complete surveillance, this camera is perfect for monitoring large spaces.•  Cell Go with Solar Panel (outdoor): A completely wireless solar-powered video surveillance solution, ideal for outdoor areas where there is no access to an electrical power source.•  Cell PT with Solar Panel: A camera pan and tilt security that also works with solar energy, offering flexibility and ease of installation in outdoor environments. In the IMOU portfolio you can also find products related to connectivity and the smart home (Wi-Fi connectivity ports, plugs and smart lights, interconnected smart alarm systems), as well as a range of home automation aimed at cleaning. IMOU’s expansion into the Spanish market reflects its growing global presence and its commitment to providing reliable and effective security solutions to customers around the world . With a solid reputation for quality and performance, IMOU seeks to become the preferred choice of consumers in Spain for their video surveillance needs. To this end, its catalog will be available both in points of sale such as Leroy Merlín, and in its online store https://www.imoulife.com/es.”The range of innovative products and the dedication to customer service will satisfy the demands of the Spanish market in terms of security and surveillance. We already collaborate with local partners such as Leroy Merlín, and we hope that with their help we can make IMOU’s intelligent video surveillance technology widely available throughout the country,” stated George Ma, Manager. IMOU Iberia sales department.For more information about IMOU and its products, visit https://www.imoulife.com/esAbout IMOUIMOU, a leading provider of smart IoT solutions and services, is committed to creating a more easy, smart and safe for all users and their families through advanced technology and smart products.With four major product systems (IMOU Security, IMOU Robots, IMOU Lights and IMOU Link) based on core AI technology and cloud technology, IMOU provides diversified solutions according to different usage scenarios, creating a more practical and efficient experience for users of smart products. IMOU products have reached more than 100 countries, and more than 30 million users of Everyone has enjoyed the security and convenience that IMOU offers. More information at www.imoulife.com.

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