– Kubeark presents a new version of its platform to accelerate innovation at scale through computing in the sky

The innovative software operations platform is poised to transform enterprise multicloud management and maximize technology profitability across the cloud landscape.

NEW YORK and BUCHAREST, Romania, May 4, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Kubeark, a next-generation platform specializing in software operations management, introduces the latest version of its platform, harnessing the transformative potential of cloud computing. heaven for enabling businesses to innovate and scale with unprecedented ease, regardless of their technology environment.

Today, enterprises face significant obstacles in streamlining operations and maintaining tight oversight of their multi-cloud resources. According to Deloitte, 85% of companies use up to five cloud platforms, so computing in the sky enables compatibility and interoperability between various clouds and infrastructures. The Kubeark platform addresses this trend, enhancing digital transformation through three main service areas:

“Sky computing is transforming the use of multi-premise, multi-cloud and hybrid clouds. Imagine easy access to the best resources from any cloud, at any time. Kubeark makes this a reality, serving enterprises at any stage of their journey.” cloud innovation journey. Our platform enables enterprises to unlock the full potential of their technology stack through simplicity and a single point of contact across the entire software operations management process,” said Bogdan Nedelcov, CEO and co-founder of Kubeark.

Additionally, with this release, Kubeark seamlessly integrates with the world’s leading cloud marketplaces, enabling end-to-end automation of marketplace listings and transactions. This enables organizations to quickly unlock new go-to-market opportunities and capitalize on untapped revenue streams from the cloud.

“Kubeark’s innovative platform, combined with our strategic partnership, is poised to revolutionize digital transformation and technology scaling for businesses. We are excited to partner with Kubeark as they continue to break new ground in areas that are sure to make a difference to the innovation and digital transformation within companies, especially in times like these,” said Alex Cernatescu, CEO, Co-Founder and Global Head of Strategy at Stefanini Infinit, part of the Stefanini Group.

“The Kubeark platform has significantly enhanced our technology investments, transforming the way we manage our applications and infrastructure. We are delighted to be a part of this journey and can’t wait to see the additional impact this platform will have on the market,” he added. George Bara, Co-Founder and Head of Business Development at Zetta Cloud.

About Kubeark

Kubeark empowers organizations to innovate and scale through its all-in-one software operations management platform that enables application management across multiple clouds and infrastructures, optimized software operations, and increased return on technology investment. Committed to driving digital transformation, Kubeark is revolutionizing the way companies approach their software operations and technology investments. For more information about Kubeark, visit www.kubeark.com.

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