MUNICH, Sept. 8, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — REPT BATTERO, an emerging BEV and smart energy storage manufacturer, recently presented its long-awaited roadmap to carbon neutrality at the IAA MOBILITY Auto show in Munich, Germany, on September 5. The strategy sets out clear objectives: achieving operational carbon neutrality by 2026 and further expanding its sustainability efforts by 2035, emphasizing REPT BATTERO’s commitment to reducing its environmental impact in all areas of operation. As the first new energy business backed by nickel mining giant TSINGSHAN Industry, REPT BATTERO has seen rapid growth since 2017, leveraging its expertise in R&D and applications of energy battery systems to become one of the leading companies in energy storage batteries worldwide.

The report outlines a two-phase plan with a near-term goal of reaching, by 2026, operational carbon neutrality, which means significantly reducing carbon emissions across all its operations, from material sourcing to production. This is a significant commitment, especially given the broad scope of the company’s operations. The second stage of the roadmap extends until 2035, with the aim of achieving Carbon Neutrality in the Value Chain. This latter objective ensures that all stages of the product life cycle, from the sourcing of raw materials to the disposal of the product at the end of its useful life, are addressed with an emphasis on reducing carbon emissions.

In an industry where sustainability claims are common, REPT BATTERO’s detailed plan underlines a systematic approach to achieving its goals. By publicly exposing these milestones, the company not only takes responsibility, but invites stakeholders, including consumers and partners, to participate and hold them accountable in this journey towards a greener future. The roadmap serves to measure the company’s seriousness in mitigating its environmental impact and establishes a reference of responsibility and transparency.

Announcing the commitment, Dr. Jianyong Liu, Director of ESG and Quality at REPT BATTERO, said: “Our roadmap to carbon neutrality is more than ambition; it represents a tangible commitment to a sustainable future. The roadmap includes specific environmental responsibility targets, a push for electrification, measures to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions, and improvements to our production processes. Together, we believe these strategies will stimulate innovation and strengthen our quality management. “This cohesive approach is vital for us to effectively meet our carbon neutrality goals and move towards an ecologically responsible future.”

REPT BATTERO’s commitment to sustainability has been a multi-year mission, recognized by numerous organizations around the world and which has resulted in the company being awarded the Ecovadis Bronze Medal on two consecutive occasions, active participation in the Pact Nations World Cup from 2022 and the awarding of the Contribution to Sustainability Award at the II Carbono Cero Green Festival in 2023. Each of these awards reaffirms REPT BATTERO’s commitment to sustainable business practices and sets a precedent for your future aspirations.

REPT BATTERO’s dedication to carbon neutrality goes beyond the recognition it has received through prestigious awards. The cornerstone of the company’s sustainable vision is the relentless pursuit of optimization and greater efficiency. Working in areas such as maximizing cell space utilization, accelerating production pace, and optimizing equipment efficiency, the company demonstrates a tangible path toward sustainable manufacturing. And with its unwavering commitment to incorporating renewable energy into its operational plan, REPT BATTERO is not only charting the path to its own sustainable future, it is also setting an industry standard for others to follow.


REPT BATTERO Energy Co. Ltd. (abbreviated as REPT BATTERO), established in 2017, is the first company invested by TSINGSHAN Industry in the field of new energy. By virtue of the rich resources of TSINGSHAN nickel mine, REPT BATTERO focuses on the research and development, production and sales of power batteries and system-level applications, providing high-quality solutions for BEV and intelligent energy storage. In 2022, REPT ranked among the top 5 energy storage battery companies in global shipments and No. 2 in domestic shipments of utility energy storage batteries. The company is on track to increase its total capacity to more than 150 GWh by 2025. Visit our website and LinkedIn to learn more.

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