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At the IOT Solutions World Congress fair in Barcelona, ​​the Eurecat technology center shows a digital health application that makes personalized recommendations based on artificial intelligence to promote healthy lifestyle habits for older people and that contributes to active aging and improvement. of care for dependent people

Barcelona, ​​May 24, 2024.-

The application, called Carpe Diem Virtual Coach, is aimed at older people to encourage the acquisition of healthy habits in terms of physical activity, their cognitive and emotional well-being, diet and sleep, which improve their current well-being and also from a preventive point of view. As the head of research in Integrated Care of the Eurecat Digital Health Unit, Sílvia Orte, explains, it is like “having a virtual personal trainer on an ongoing basis, who gives tailored advice while collecting new information on the user’s habits and behavior through questionnaires and smart watches.” This solution uses the advanced BECOME recommendation system developed by Eurecat to facilitate a change in behavior towards a healthier lifestyle. The system favors “the empowerment of people to take care of their health thanks to the personalization of the content it offers and the moment in which motivational content adapted to the user is sent,” says Sílvia Orte. Furthermore, as highlighted by the director of the Unit of Eurecat’s Digital Health, David Marí, the BECOME system “performs continuous learning to achieve an adaptation of the contents that are presented to users in a completely dynamic way and varying over time, according to their behavior and relationship with the system.” Specifically, “the Carpe Diem Virtual Coach application is equipped with artificial intelligence and uses the technology of the xCare digital health software services platform developed by Eurecat, which includes various self-management tools for clinical processes specifically adapted to each patient. , and also uses the intelligent BECOME recommender, which has a repository of more than a thousand recommendations,” details the director of Health Technologies at Eurecat, Felip Miralles. Eurecat has developed the application within the framework of the Mataró PECT project. Maresme “Innovation ecosystem for caring cities”, co-financed by the Generalitat of Catalonia within the FEDER Operational Program of Catalonia 2014-2020, and coordinated by the Mataró City Council.

Issuer: Eurecat

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