BEIJING, Sept. 13, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Quanzhou, located in eastern China’s Fujian Province, has fully taken advantage of its unique advantages in culture, history and industrial strength of the city to promote the products of guochao worldwide.

Guochao, also known as Chinese trends or “China Chic”, features elegant designs mixed with elements of traditional culture. With the popularity of China Chic, a growing number of Quanzhou businesses have jumped on the trend, creating a wave of China Chic in the city.

Based on this trend, Quanzhou held an event with China Chic brands in 2022 and since then the city has been considered “China Chic Brands Capital”. Quanzhou is home to many world-renowned companies, including Anta Sports, Dali Food, Jomoo and Xtep, which are among the 16 Quanzhou-based companies selected in the first batch China Chic brands list.

During the first “Maritime Silk Road” Overseas Chinese Trade and Investment Conference, which began in Quanzhou in June this year, the city opened an exhibition center for its China Chic products. With an area of ​​15,000 square meters, the center exhibits more than 1,500 products from more than 200 local companies, attracting a wide variety of entrepreneurs from all over the world every day.

One of the visitors, Wang Wei, permanent honorary president of the Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce (HKGCC), explained that Quanzhou has the most complete footwear industrial chain he has ever seen, which is very important for global industries. .

In addition, Quanzhou companies also actively explore the global market by jointly attending international exhibitions and establishing exhibition and sales centers in other countries, such as Thailand, the Philippines and the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

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