Telefónica and Atlético de Madrid have joined forces to implement a “new immersive way of enjoying matches” that combines 5G and virtual reality and that has been developed at the Cívitas Metropolitano, the stadium of the ‘colchonero’ club, “which thus consolidates its technological benefits”, both entities have highlighted in a statement.

The project was premiered in the match between Atlético de Madrid and Club Atlético Osasuna and will also be offered in the match this Sunday, May 28, against Real Sociedad at Club Telefónica Empresas.

“The experience allows you to enjoy the game from different angles thanks to tablets or Meta Quest Pro virtual reality glasses that receive the images captured in real time by four 360-degree cameras located at various points on the field via 5G, combined with the image HD of the match and SkyCam”, explained Telefónica.

Thus, the viewer can adopt the perspective of the north goal of the Atlético de Madrid field, that of the changing room tunnel area that leads to the field, that of the control room for the performance of the stadium show or that of the stands Where are the media located?

In addition, three pre-recorded scenes with 360-degree cameras will be available to fans that show the moment in which the shirts are put on in the locker room, the light show in which the local team is announced or the atmosphere that was experienced in the stands before the match in which the club celebrated its 120th anniversary.

“One of the great challenges of the project has been visualization in real time. Since the experience is enjoyed from the Cívitas Metropolitano stadium itself, it is necessary for the participants to be able to see and hear the goals at the same time as the spectators. To make it possible , it has been possible to send video from the 360-degree camera to its processing in the cloud and later visualization in the virtual reality glasses in less than 500 milliseconds”, the operator has detailed.

In this football match viewing experience, various technologies have been used, such as 5G and its capabilities (low latency, higher speed, increase in connected devices), which allow a large stream of video to be transmitted to the virtual reality glasses with High-speed 4K quality with minimal latency.

In this pilot project, Telefónica has worked with mSurgery, a startup specializing in virtual reality and high-quality video distribution in real time.

“This immersive experience has been a technological challenge with which we wanted fans to enjoy football in an innovative and unprecedented way. The joint work with Atleti Lab -the club’s innovation division-, in a stadium at the forefront of technology such as the Cívitas Metropolitano, has been essential to develop this use case”, reported the Innovation Manager of Telefónica Spain, Leonor Ostos.

“The challenge we set ourselves with Telefónica was to demonstrate how 5G can enhance the experience of fans on match day. We thought it would be very attractive to place cameras in new spaces that would provide unprecedented perspectives of the stadium. With the launch of this project we continue to bet on technology as a vehicle to offer differential experiences to our fans”, added the director of Atleti Lab and assistant director of Marketing and Digital Development, Alejandro Ugarrio.