The call to access the scholarships will be published shortly


The Ministry of Finance and Public Function has approved a ministerial order launching a scholarship program for opponents of Corps and Scales of the General State Administration, endowed with up to 7,000 gross euros per applicant, to cover expenses derived from the preparation for selective tests.

In a statement, they have stated that, with this initiative, they seek to support young people who want to develop their professional careers in the public sphere and that it will serve to “promote the attraction of talent” and “eliminate socioeconomic barriers”, in order to to ensure equality between applicants, within a plan that will be managed by the National Institute of Public Administration (INAP).

In addition, they have recalled that, together with the scholarship programs, the Government has developed numerous calls for Public Employment Offers (OEP) to promote work in Public Administrations, with an offer of more than 44,000 places between calls for new entry and stabilization in various fields in 2022.

The call to access the scholarships, which will be published shortly, may be annual and will include the number of scholarships called, the Bodies and Scales to which it is addressed or the deadlines for submitting applications, as well as the evaluation criteria for the granting of aid, the documentation required to be able to access them and the deadlines for resolution.

Regarding the requirements, potential beneficiaries may not be enjoying other aid or subsidies for the same purpose, whether public or private, and must meet the requirements of the last call for access to the Corps or Scale to which they apply. In addition, they will have to study the opposition under the direction of a specialized center or one or more preparers.

The bases of the call will establish the amounts to be offered to the scholarship holders based on their particular circumstances, such as socioeconomic or the opposition that they are preparing to seek their entry into the Public Service. The amount will be a maximum of 7,000 euros gross and will be paid in a single payment.