The Ibex 35 closed the first session of this week with an advance of 1.50%, so that it ended the day at 10,890.2 integers and with almost all its values ​​in ‘green’, reflecting a relaxation in the geopolitical panorama, marked by an ‘impasse’ in the escalation of tension between Israel and Iran.

This situation has also been reflected in the price of oil, which, at the close of the session in Europe, fell 0.36% in the case of a barrel of Brent, to $86.97. In the case of West Texas, it rose a slight 0.02%, to $83.16.

This week, investors will be awaiting the publication of results on both sides of the Atlantic. In Spain, the accounts of companies such as Enagás, Iberdrola, Acerinox, Cellnex, Repsol, Sabadell, Mapfre and Indra will be known. In the US, large technology companies such as Tesla, Meta Platforms, Amazon, Alphabet or Microsoft will publish their results.

In this context, the biggest increase was recorded by Banco Santander (3.45%), followed by IAG (3.30%), BBVA (2.20%), Telefónica (2.20%), Inditex (2. 08%) and Fluidra (1.90%). Only Endesa (-1.58%), Grifols (-1.44%), Acciona Energía (-0.92%), Aena (-0.46%) and Repsol (-0.40) have closed in ‘red’ %).

The main European stock markets also closed Monday’s session with gains. London rose 1.62%, while Frankfurt rose 0.70% and Paris rose 0.22%. Only Milan have finished with a drop of 0.58%.

In the foreign exchange market, the price of the euro against the dollar depreciated 0.11% to 1.0644 ‘greenbacks’, while in the debt market the interest required on the 10-year Spanish bond fell to 3.258% and the risk premium stood at 81 basis points.