The candidate for the investiture needs the ‘yes’ of 68 deputies in the first vote and a simple majority in the second


The new Parliament that emerged from this Sunday’s elections must be constituted at the latest on June 10, within a period of 20 business days following the elections, and then, the president of the Chamber will have 10 business days to propose a candidate for investiture, a period that would end on June 25.

In a statement this Monday, the Catalan Chamber explained that the acting president of the Generalitat, Pere Aragonès, must convene the first constitutive session of the Chamber through a decree, in which a new president of the Parliament will be elected. , the two vice-presidents of the Board and the four secretaries.

The first session of the legislature will be chaired by the oldest deputy, assisted by the two youngest deputies, in what is called ‘old table’, until the new Parliament Table is chosen.

To access the full status of parliamentarians, the 135 elected deputies must deliver to the Parliament registry the credential issued by the Electoral Board, the written promise or oath of the Constitution and the Statute, the declaration of their professional, work or businesses and the public positions they hold, as well as the declaration of assets, which must detail their assets.

They can deliver this documentation personally or delegate the processing to the staff of the parliamentary group of which they will be part.

For the investiture session, the candidate to preside over the Generalitat will need the support of 68 deputies in the first vote and, if this is not achieved, a simple majority in the second vote two days later.

If two months have passed since the first investiture vote and no candidate has been elected, the Parliament is automatically dissolved and Aragonès must call new elections immediately so that they are held within 47 days after the call, with an electoral campaign reduced to 8 days.