The Popular Party will file a complaint against the State Attorney General, Álvaro García Ortiz, in the coming days before the Criminal Chamber of the Supreme Court (TS) for alleged administrative prevarication in the promotion of his predecessor to prosecutor of the Criminal Chamber. Military in the Supreme Court, the highest category of the Public Prosecutor’s Office, as reported by ABC and sources from the Popular Party have confirmed to Europa Press.

According to the party led by Alberto Núñez Feijóo, this appointment was intended to “pay a debt of gratitude” and thus encourage Delgado to join the race in the highest category, an appointment in which, the PP argues, García Ortiz had a “decisive nature,” reports the aforementioned media.

Last November, the Supreme Court annulled Delgado’s promotion, considering that there was a “diversion of power” on the part of his successor.

In the complaint that the PP will present, it is stated that there is “no doubt” that García Ortiz knew that he did not have legal support when he proposed Dolores Delgado for the position, alleging that the prosecutor’s proposal was “arbitrary” and was made, contrary to the opinion of the majority of the Fiscal Council, “without argumentative effort or regulatory support, based on his personal obstinacy.”