The spokesman for the PSOE of Huelva and Andalusian parliamentarian, Enrique Gaviño, has indicated this Thursday that his formation has denounced before the Electoral Board of the Zone (JEZ) that in Villalba del Alcor “800 votes have been requested by mail electronically through the digital signature from the Municipal Council, governed by the PP”, something that has been described as “perversion of the system” because “the interested party cannot be playing with the citizens’ votes by mail”, something that the formation has denounced before the Court.

Likewise, he has assured that they have denounced as the Socialist Party “different situations of vote buying in towns of the province”, noting that “the mildest go through the fact of Popular Party candidates, such as the candidate of the PP of Valverde or of the PP in the capital offering to process people’s voting by mail, with advertising on social networks, which is already a fact that the Zone Electoral Board has declared that it should stop being done because it is a manipulation of democracy “.

“The second occurred in Paterna del Campo, where the PP list has tried to buy the vote of people with disabilities in the town and people who have denounced that they were being offered between 50 and 120 euros to vote by mail in favor of the Popular Party”, assured Gaviño.

With regard to voting by mail in Villalba del Alcor, Gaviño has indicated that “once the information was denounced and requested from the Zone Electoral Board, which in turn sent the request for information to the Electoral Census Office, It has been verified that many of these requests for votes by mail are not received by the applicants at their homes, but have been sent to other addresses”.

“Many of these requests, around 50 requests, have been sent to the homes of members of the Popular Party of Palma del Condado.” Specifically, to the home of the father of a former PP councilor in Palma del Condado and to the home of a PP councilor in Palma del Condado and number two on the PP list in this municipality. We understand with this that it is very clear that the Popular Party in Huelva is also committing electoral illicit “.

On this point, he has indicated that in the previous elections 2,490 people voted in this municipality –with 3,200 inhabitants–, therefore these 800 votes “represent more than 30% of the electoral census” and he has affirmed that the PP “is a party that has shown that what matters is power” and that “does not hesitate at all to violate the laws, the constitution, the foundations of democracy in order to achieve power and manipulate everything that needs to be manipulated”.

“It is a popular party that has already revealed itself as a clear example of ‘Trumpism’ in Spain. Vox and PP, with the bond that Isabel Ayuso signifies, have aligned themselves in that line of creeping politics that, in order to achieve votes, because everything is worth it and they declare anything”.

Gaviño has asked the PP for “the same forcefulness” that “the PSOE has had” –in reference to Mojácar– and that “they are expelled from the party and the lists of each and every one of those who are verified” that they are carrying out these actions, because “otherwise the Popular Party of Huelva is complicit in an electoral crime” and the PSOE “will take the appropriate legal measures”.

The socialist has called for “an exercise in freedom and democracy” and that citizens “renounce any attempt to buy their votes or manipulate their vote by mail.” “Democracy is the party in which we can all decide who represents us and no vice of democracy can be above how important it is to participate in freedom and with dignity.”

For this reason, he has conveyed to the public the message that “the Socialist Party will never take communion, nor will it directly or indirectly defend anyone who commits actions such as the ones we are seeing that take place to buy votes by mail, of perversion, of violation of democracy”.

“Never, not even if there is a case such as that of a person from our party, who we have immediately and forcefully expelled and who was not, we have withdrawn from the electoral lists, so that they will not be able to take the act of councilor if they leave chosen one”.

On the other hand, Gaviño has asked “speed and forcefulness” also “to the State Security Forces and Corps, to the judicial bodies” and to the electoral boards of the zone and to the criminal courts to which the situations are transferred everywhere. “, just as he has asked for “this forcefulness and transparency” from “the parties that are also splashed by these cases of vote buying.”

Likewise, the socialist has affirmed that “the PP has wanted to commit a pucherazo at a high level, at least in Villalba del Alcor, to guarantee that the mayor continues to be so, even if it is illegal.”

Regarding the consequences, Gaviño has indicated that the Zone Electoral Board “has opened proceedings, with which it has transferred it to the Criminal Court”, so now “it is at the expense of what the courts determine” and He believes that “we are going to find more cases in the province of Huelva than are known”, even “with arrests and criminal charges of those who have manipulated the vote by mail.”

In addition, he has indicated that they have “data” that “in Valverde del Camino and Huelva, the PP has offered publicly on social networks to process the vote by mail for citizens, with photos of the candidates” and they have “the pronouncement of the Zone Electoral Board saying that this is an abusive and illegal practice, that it should not be done and has invited them to stop doing it because they consider that this is exceeding their right to campaign”. “There is the judicial reproach.”

The Electoral Board of the Zone (JEZ) of Valverde del Camino has warned the PP in said municipality for allegedly “managing voting by mail”, for which it urges the formation to “abstain” from said practice and withdraw ads on social networks “with the candidate’s photo and the statement: Do you want to vote by mail?”, accompanied by contact information.

The act issued by this JEZ, to which Europa Press has had access, dated May 24, has the objective of responding to the complaint presented by Con Andalucía, “against the Popular Party of Valverde del Camino for the alleged management of voting by mail”.

Against this resolution “it is possible to file an appeal before the JEP, within 24 hours of notification of the agreement and before the Board that had issued it, which must issue the file within 48 hours to the Board that must resolve.

In this sense, the Con Andalucía candidate for Mayor of Valverde del Camino, Carlos Vélez, lamented that “these acts are also part of a strategy of pressure on residents to directly manipulate the vote, to deceive and to manage it in their name”, for which reason he has indicated that “we have to banish these practices from politics”.

For this reason, he considers that the decision of the Electoral Board is most appropriate because it goes in this direction, that the elections have to be clean and transparent and that residents must be allowed to vote freely and without these pressures from of all this organized network”, he has valued.