Microsoft Accused of Misleading Claims About Copilot Availability in Fabric

Microsoft is facing criticism for allegedly misleading customers about the availability of its chatbot Copilot in Fabric. During the recent Build conference, Chief Technical Officer Amir Netz claimed that Copilot was generally available in Fabric. However, analyst Andrew Snodgrass from Directions on Microsoft pointed out discrepancies in Microsoft’s official statements.

According to a blog post by Microsoft’s Vice President of Product Management Kim Manis, the Copilot experiences in Power BI are still in preview, despite Netz’s claims of general availability. Snodgrass highlighted that customer choice is limited when trialling AI tools, as Copilot in Fabric is automatically enabled for eligible tenants without the option to limit its use during evaluation.

Snodgrass emphasized the importance of not using preview features in production, as they are not supported by Microsoft and may undergo significant changes before reaching general availability. Despite his enthusiasm for Copilot, he cautioned against premature adoption of the technology.

Microsoft has been urged to clarify the status of Copilot in Fabric and address concerns raised by industry analysts. As customers await a resolution, the future of Copilot’s integration into Fabric remains uncertain.

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The Register has reached out to Microsoft for comment on the allegations.