Best AWS Certifications Of 2024

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has rapidly grown in popularity as a cloud service provider, offering solutions for database storage, mobile app development, and networking. As many businesses rely on AWS cloud services, the demand for IT professionals with expertise in AWS has increased. Obtaining an AWS certification can enhance your credibility and demonstrate your proficiency in the expanding field of cloud computing. Here are some of the best AWS certification courses available in 2024.

Before exploring certification options, let’s address some fundamental questions about AWS and the benefits of obtaining an AWS certification. AWS is a cloud computing platform that provides the infrastructure for app and software development. By earning an AWS certification, professionals can distinguish themselves when applying for jobs or seeking career advancement opportunities.

When considering online AWS certification courses, it is essential to evaluate your learning style, schedule, and equipment. AWS certification courses are available in various formats, including synchronous, asynchronous, and self-paced options. While online learning offers flexibility, it may not be suitable for everyone. Ensure you have reliable equipment and consider any potential hidden costs associated with online courses.

Listed below are seven online AWS certification course options for 2024:

1. **AWS Skill Builder**
– Program Title: AWS Skill Builder
– Cost: Free; paid version for $29/month or $449/year
– Program Length: Self-paced
– Program Overview: Comprehensive AWS certification training for beginners to advanced users, offering access to on-demand courses, labs, assessments, and exam prep tools.

2. **Cantrill**
– Program Title: AWS Associate and Professional Bundle
– Cost: $200
– Program Length: Self-paced with lifetime access
– Program Overview: Bundle includes courses for AWS certifications such as Solutions Architect, Developer, SysOps Administrator, and DevOps Engineer, with recorded video lessons and quizzes.

3. **Clarusway**
– Program Title: AWS and DevOps Course
– Cost: $13,800
– Program Length: 37 weeks
– Program Overview: Bootcamp-style course designed to prepare learners for the AWS Certified DevOps Engineer – Professional certification, featuring live classes, mentorship, and hands-on projects.

4. **Coursera**
– Program Title: Exam Prep: AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate
– Cost: $49/month
– Program Length: Self-paced
– Program Overview: Course covering cloud technical essentials, architecting solutions, and exam preparation, suitable for learners with solutions architect experience.

5. **ExamPro**
– Program Title: AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Foundational Course
– Cost: $60
– Program Length: Self-paced with one year of access
– Program Overview: Course offering video lectures, practice exams, and learning tools to prepare for the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner exam.

6. **freeCodeCamp**
– Program Title: AWS Cloud Complete Bootcamp
– Cost: Free
– Program Length: Self-paced with 107 hours of video content
– Program Overview: Bootcamp course on YouTube covering AWS architecture, container deployment, CI/CD tools, and API development.

7. **Udemy**
– Program Title: Ultimate AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner CLF-C02
– Cost: $150
– Program Length: Self-paced
– Program Overview: Course created by an AWS-certified professional with videos, quizzes, hands-on projects, and practice exams to prepare for the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner credential.

**Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Online AWS Certification**

1. **Can AWS certification be done online?**
– Yes, many AWS certification courses are available online, offering flexibility and real-time feedback from instructors.

2. **How much does AWS certification cost online?**
– Costs vary, with some courses being free and others requiring a monthly subscription or a one-time fee ranging from hundreds to thousands of dollars.

3. **Can I learn AWS in two weeks?**
– While it is possible to pass an AWS exam in two weeks, developing a thorough understanding of AWS skills may require more time, especially for those without prior technical experience. Lifetime access to courses allows for ongoing learning and review of material.