Call of Duty’s Gundam crossover finally has a trailer – and it actually looks pretty rad

A gameplay video has just been revealed for the upcoming Call of Duty and Gundam collaboration, showing three character skins as well as a variety of unique weapon cosmetics that bring the universe of Gundam to Modern Warfare 3. As everyone knows, Gundam is all about how rad war is and how you can blast away other fighters without worrying about it, so it’s obviously a perfect fit.

The skins are set to launch in early June for those out there with a love for Gundam and… war?

You can watch the video embedded above, and even if the tone and themes of Gundam and Call of Duty are about as similar as oil and water, I must admit the cosmetics themselves look fantastic. Be it the Gundams themselves, or the laser sword execution animation, it’s hard to deny how lush these look.

You can buy these cosmetics yourself via a selection of bundles going on sale as part of the 45th anniversary celebration for the original model kit and anime. You’ll be able to grab the Mobile Suit RX 78-2 Gundam, the Zaku II, and the Mobile Suit Gundam Aerial. All three come with their own charms, loading screens, decals, and more.

These bundles typically cost around **2,400 CoD points**, which comes to **$20**. So if you want to grab everything then… it’s going to cost a hefty sum. But hey, with the Call of Duty: Black Ops 6 expected to be revealed later this month as part of Summer Game Fest maybe you can treat this as a fond farewell expense.

Check out the trailer above and let us know how you feel about this? Is it something you’d buy? Let us know down below.