New ChatGPT Voice Mode Demo Impresses Users – Potential Siri Upgrade on the Horizon

(Image credit: OpenAI)

A recent demo showcasing ChatGPT’s new Voice mode has caught the attention of many, hinting at a potential upgrade for Siri in the near future. OpenAI displayed a more advanced version of the Voice mode during the launch of its GPT-4o model in May, highlighting its capabilities in improv drama. The video demonstrates the ease of interrupting the ChatGPT voice for a smoother conversation flow, along with minimal latency.

OpenAI has announced that the new Voice mode will be rolled out in the upcoming weeks, coinciding with reports of a partnership between Apple and OpenAI set to be revealed at WWDC 2024 on June 10. This collaboration could see Apple integrating OpenAI’s technology into the iOS 18 operating system, potentially enhancing Siri’s functionalities with AI capabilities. The utilization of ChatGPT in Siri could mark a significant advancement in voice assistant technology.

The speculated AI upgrade for Siri is expected to be a major highlight at WWDC 2024, with industry experts suggesting that Apple’s partnership with OpenAI may be a strategic move to enhance Siri’s performance. The integration of ChatGPT into iOS could revolutionize how users interact with voice assistants, offering a more natural and conversational experience.

As the tech world eagerly anticipates the unveiling of Apple’s new developments at WWDC 2024, the potential integration of OpenAI’s technology into Siri holds promise for a more sophisticated and intuitive voice assistant experience.

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